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From "Shi, Wei" <shi...@med.umich.edu>
Subject RE: Deploying SOLR (was:Re: Fail to ingest a test file to file manager on SuSe Linux)
Date Tue, 09 Feb 2016 20:58:42 GMT
Here is a list I compiled:

1.	Download and Install VirtualBox 5.0
2.	Install Vagrant on Windows 7. It will be installed in VirtualBox
3.	Install Java
4.	Install Maven 2.2.1 (download from maven site cause the blog provided link is not working)
5.	Install OODT
6.	You may need to open port 8080 to allow guest to access
7.	Recompile filemgr in 0.12 and copy over, Note: logs folder is missing. Create logs folder
under filemgr
8.	File Manger User Guide:  https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/OODT/OODT+Filemgr+User+Guide
9.	Solr
10.	Curator Setup

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From: Tom Barber [mailto:tom.barber@meteorite.bi] 
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Subject: Deploying SOLR (was:Re: Fail to ingest a test file to file manager on SuSe Linux)

Out of curiosity, Wei and Jordan if he checks this thread, what instructions/hacks are you
using to deploy OODT & SOLR?

I know how I do it, I wondered how others do it, ie, what docs do you follow?


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