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From Eva Schlauch <eschla...@mpifr-bonn.mpg.de>
Subject meerkat oodt
Date Wed, 20 May 2015 11:51:35 GMT
Dear developers,

I tried a new start. I am now at oodt 0.8.1 and have installed with 
maven the filemgr. Needed to get java (I have never worked with java 
before) running correctly and update maven to a newer one. Anyhow, the 
filemgr just ingested a file (yay!) and I am trying to figure out what 
the next steps should be.

So my oodt consists of a filemgr so far. I think I will need a workflow 
manager as well. Also, a gui to monitor the filemgr and workflowmgr 
would be nice (ops ui?). In the radix version I got the ops ui but it 
did not show anything since the rest was not running. Now, how to 

I want to:

- ingest files connected to the characterization of 64 s-band meerkat 
- run postprocessing like visualization, extraction of important 
parameters etc.
- let people view and download files and their respective postprocessing 
products via a web interface
- provide metadata like notes that people would take alongside measurements
- get a grip on hardware versions by also versioning the ingested 
products connected to hardware component

so in general, I want to build a catalog for our s-band receivers at 
meerkat that should help the engineers to ingest and later identify 
components and their characteristics.

it may come in handy, if we can later run some statistics on the data, I 
don't know if we'll be using python or r, but that should not matter 
now. So, for example: that amplifier run produced stable lnas, so lets 
stick to it, or else do another itertation. Something along these lines.


- how do I define file types? Do I need to do that or does GenericFile 
- how do I attach specific metadata?
- how to write and attach tasks?
- how can other people connect to the machine (interface for 
users/server client model?)
- how can I visualize the products in my catalog?
- do I need to write my own web interface or can I build on something?
- and so on...

Enough for now , best, Eva

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