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From Tom Barber <tom.bar...@meteorite.bi>
Subject Tika Based Metadata Extraction
Date Fri, 03 Apr 2015 14:56:50 GMT
Hello Chaps and Chapesses,

Somehow I've come this far and not done it but I was playing around with the crawler for my
ApacheCon demo and came across the TikaCmdLineMetExtractor that Rishi I believe wrote a while
So I've put some stuff in a folder and can crawl and ingest it using the GenericFile element
map, now in the past to map metadata I've written some class to pump the data around and add
to that file, but I was wondering if, as I know what fields are coming out of Tika to just
put them into the XML mapping file somehow so I can by pass having to write Java code?

This may be very obvious in which case I apologise but I can't find owt on the wiki so I figured
I'd ask the gurus.


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