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From "Verma, Rishi (398J)" <Rishi.Ve...@jpl.nasa.gov>
Subject Re: Getting started
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2014 02:46:07 GMT
Hi All,

+1 on a face-lift for the website. It would be especially useful having a single "download"
button that gets new users started quickly. Maybe we can propose some mockups on the OODT
wiki as a starting point - or even jot down the current UI improvement areas. 

Also, I've been using Vagrant [1] for a couple projects and so far I'm a big fan. I'd be happy
to assist wrapping up some OODT / RADiX deployments as Vagrant VMs. The advantage here is
that we don't need to host anything, we add to our SVN repository a fully preconfigured dev
environment that's ready-to-go with a simple "vagrant up" command.


[1] http://www.vagrantup.com/

On Apr 14, 2014, at 7:50 AM, Ramirez, Paul M (398J) wrote:

> All,
> There are a few minor parts missing from RADiX build. One of which is PGE
> integration. There are a few more simplifying assumptions I'd like to get
> into there too. If we can get the stabilized build that would be awesome.
> +1 to RADiX in a VM.
> --Paul
> On 4/14/14 4:29 AM, "Lewis John Mcgibbney" <lewis.mcgibbney@gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Hi Tom,
>> There is actually some low hanging fruit here as well.
>> Simplifying the site is a no brainer tbh. This just takes a late night or
>> two and some steely determination from one or two individuals.
>> Moving site documentation out of trunk and onto a wiki/website that can be
>> edited in an adhoc manner is a much more logic solution than we currently
>> have.
>> Getting a (possibly RADIX) service up and running which can be hosted at
>> Apache VM is a no brainer as well. Your UI stuff will come in extremely
>> handy here.
>> Getting the build stabalized for *nix systems is a must. Windows build is
>> equally important but we need someone to take this on. From what I can
>> see,
>> lots of this has to do with the configuration files not being found on
>> paths etc. This may or may not take as long to fix as initially imagined.
>> For the time being I've disabled unsuccessful messages for the Windows
>> build coming to the dev list as it was starting to make me depressed again
>> :)
>> I'm going to begin work on OODT-670 which will hopefully stabalize builds
>> on *nix however this is rather non-trivial so may take it bit of time.
>> I'll
>> try my best.
>> This is all from me right now Tom. I've got a clear idea of what I *think*
>> we should do. Maybe getting a roadmap together on the wiki would be a good
>> goal.
>> Within the above scope, we could maybe push a 0.7 release as there have
>> been a number of issues addressed?
>> On Mon, Apr 14, 2014 at 8:39 AM, Tom Barber <tom.barber@meteorite.bi>
>> wrote:
>>> I'll move this over here as it does carry some relevance ;)
>>> Me and Lewis were discussing OODT over the week and a couple of take
>>> aways
>>> we saw that were hindering adoption was a) The name (but we can't do
>>> much
>>> about that ;) )
>>> b) The website
>>> c) The build
>>> So a couple of things I would like to work on on top of the Tika update
>>> and fixing the GMT build is getting the default config to build out of
>>> the
>>> box, because currently you have to tweak the properties files and this
>>> makes life real hard for people just wanting to get started.
>>> Personally, I
>>> think that if you don't have a build that compiles without changes at
>>> checkout, either you have to change it or make it stupidly easily for
>>> people to understand what needs setting, because otherwise they get
>>> lost/bored and go do something else. Also it makes life easier for
>>> people
>>> trying to understand whats broken in the codebase(failing tests due to
>>> code
>>> problems) and whats broken because of configuration issues(failing tests
>>> due to user problems) which is currently far from clear.
>>> Lastly, at some point over the next few months I'd like to take a stab
>>> at
>>> creating an alternative website that tries to hide some of the science
>>> stuff and all the tailored build pages and make it clearer where the
>>> useful
>>> information was and what the platform does to no science type people.
>>> Clearly both these projects are purely hypothetical and I wont push
>>> anything without sign off, but there was a decent turn out to my talk
>>> and
>>> some cross over with people who knew BI, so I think its an angle worth
>>> pursuing.
>>> Comments and suggestions please :)
>>> Tom
>>> On 14/04/14 02:31, Mattmann, Chris A (3980) wrote:
>>>> Scoff unlike OODT yeesh
>>>> Sent from my iPhone
>>>> On Apr 13, 2014, at 4:43 PM, "Tom Barber" <tom.barber@meteorite.bi>
>>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Alright then chaps,
>>>>> After too much beer i've got home and checked out the source. It even
>>>>> compiles without hacking stuff unlike OODT which is always nice. So,
>>>>> for
>>>>> someone that doesn't use Gora or have any knowledge of the code base,
>>>>> if I
>>>>> want to help hows best to get started? :)
>>>>> Cheers
>>>>> Tom
>>>>> --
>>>>> *Tom Barber* | Technical Director
>>>>> meteorite bi
>>>>> *T:* +44 20 8133 3730
>>>>> *W:* www.meteorite.bi | *Skype:* meteorite.consulting
>>>>> *A:* Surrey Technology Centre, Surrey Research Park, Guildford, GU2
>>>>> 7YG,
>>>>> UK
>>> --
>>> *Tom Barber* | Technical Director
>>> meteorite bi
>>> *T:* +44 20 8133 3730
>>> *W:* www.meteorite.bi | *Skype:* meteorite.consulting
>>> *A:* Surrey Technology Centre, Surrey Research Park, Guildford, GU2
>>> 7YG, UK
>> -- 
>> *Lewis*

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