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From ke...@apache.org
Subject Future Plans for OODT 2014
Date Thu, 20 Feb 2014 23:56:34 GMT
Hey folks:

Apache™ OODT has enjoyed a meteoric rise and we've leveled off, reaching our cruising speed
and voyaging into open source deep space.

We've got a novel talk coming up at ApacheCon and a lot of fantastic recent development. I
don't want to lose our momentum, though. In the coming months, I'd love to see us push on
a few fronts:

== 1️⃣ Release of 0.7 ==

Do we have enough to cut a new release? By habit we do so twice a year, and I'm fine with
that. But, should we buck our trend?

== 2️⃣ Recruitment evaluation ==

We have a really healthy group of committers/committee-members. Is there anyone else on the
horizon we should consider? I think magicaltrout's talk might help attract some new talent—as
well as the general fervor of ApacheCon—so let's be on the lookout, everyone!

== 3️⃣ OODT Drinking Game ==

Drink a shot whenever someone says any of these phrases: virtual laboratory, metadata middleware,
catalog and archive (two shots if said separately), SCIENCE (must be yelled or typed in all-caps),
data grid, integration.

Drink two shots for these phrases: multidimensional aggregation and allocation, transparent
search and discovery, key performance indicators optimization, MIME type detection.

Down your beverage for any of these phrases: stovepipe, thought leader, unit tests only work
in pacific time zone, failed to find available node for job spec: null.

Bonus: eat whatever garnish is on your beverage for these phrases: Radix, Agility, Balance.

== 4️⃣ New Territory ==

What other fronts do you think we should pursue? What other rules should be added to the drinking

Thanks for being a part of Apache™ OODT!


Sean Kelly
Vice President, Apache OODT
Apache Software Foundation

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