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From Chris Mattmann <mattm...@apache.org>
Subject My Talk for ApacheCon on CAS-PGE
Date Fri, 31 Jan 2014 05:49:55 GMT
Hey Guys,

I submitted a CAS-PGE talk for ApacheCon. See:

Title Rapid and Unobtrusive Algorithm Integration with CAS-PGE
Event ApacheCon North America
Submission Type Presentation
Category Developer
Biography Chris Mattmann has a wealth of experience in software design,
and in the construction of large-scale data-intensive systems. His work
has infected a broad set of communities, ranging from helping NASA unlock
data from its next generation of earth science system satellites, to
assisting graduate students at the University of Southern California (his
Alma mater) in the study of software architecture, all the way to helping
industry and open source as a member of the Apache Software Foundation.
When he's not busy being busy, he's spending time with his lovely wife and
son braving the mean streets of Southern California.

Abstract Apache OODT is a science data processing framework that is NASA's
first project to be released to the ASF. One of OODT's core capabilities
is to incorporate science user developed code and automate it and make it
run at scale. The algorithm integration facilities of Apache OODT are
encapsulated within the CAS-PGE framework. Put simply our answer to you to
make your science algorithm run at scale isn't to rewrite it as Map
Reduce; or to rewrite it as a web service. Leave it the way it is and let
CAS-PGE take care of it for you. CAS-PGE models your algorithms' inputs
and outputs, describes its execution framework and catalogs and archives
those inputs and outputs using the file management component. This
tutorial will walk you through CAS-PGE. We'll set it up. We'll run a Moon
image processing example end to end through CAS-PGE and get you crackin'
away at algorithm integration!

Audience Users of Apache OODT; folks who write code in Matlab, Python R,
Scala, and who use science packages like CASApy, IDL/ENVI and other
algorithm frameworks. Folks who are looking for something different than
write it in Map Reduce. Folks who are interested in YARN/MR2 and

Experience Level Intermediate
Benefits to the Ecosystem We haven't given a detailed presentation on
CAS-PGE yet. I've given presentations on CAS, on the OODT ecosystem, on
PCS and the OPSUI, on how to apply OODT to use cases, and on how to
install OODT and workflows within OODT. A core component of OODT without
an ApacheCon talk is CAS-PGE.
Technical Requirements Nothing more than a projector, beer (did I say
that?), and don't even need an Internet connection (though would be great
to have one).
Status New

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