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From Tom Barber <tom.bar...@meteorite.bi>
Subject OODT Documentation Organisation
Date Fri, 12 Jul 2013 20:18:01 GMT
Hi guys

Whilst working on getting to know OODT better I walked through the CAS 
Curation tutorial on the website and found it both hard to read and 
buggy in places. I also (as a newbie) found getting started and tutorial 
stuff tricky to locate with bits being on the main website and some on 
the wiki. I guess this is left over from the Apache ingestion.

I took the liberty of migrating the original Curation tutorial over to 
the wiki and made a few tweaks although I would like to improve this 
further over the next week or so:

My question is really this, is there a documentation policy with regards 
to creating stuff and guiding new users. Personally I feel that as much 
of the documentation as possible should be moved across to the wiki to 
allow users to develop and maintain it as OODT grows and changes (and 
allows people to fix errors). Also finding the wiki isn't very obvious 
from the main OODT website, I would suggest that whoever maintains the 
website puts the wiki link into the header or something allowing people 
easy access to it, otherwise its buried in various page menus.

Having worked closely with a number of open source tools over the years, 
especially as a newbie, I find the wiki documentation invaluable in 
getting started and guiding new users, if no one has any objections I'd 
like to put some time and effort into organising the wiki and landing 
pages on their in a way that helps guide people in a more effective 
manner. This will clearly be extended as I learn more myself :)



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