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From "Mattmann, Chris A (398J)" <chris.a.mattm...@jpl.nasa.gov>
Subject Re: [jira] [Resolved] (OODT-639) Add a versioner based on Product Type Metadata
Date Sat, 29 Jun 2013 15:37:17 GMT
Thanks Bruce -- attachment didn't come through (I think the mailing list
strips them) so if you want to send me the attachment,
works for that.

Chris Mattmann, Ph.D.
Senior Computer Scientist
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Pasadena, CA 91109 USA
Office: 171-266B, Mailstop: 171-246
Email: chris.a.mattmann@nasa.gov
WWW:  http://sunset.usc.edu/~mattmann/
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 90089 USA

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From: Bruce Barkstrom <brbarkstrom@gmail.com>
Reply-To: "dev@oodt.apache.org" <dev@oodt.apache.org>
Date: Friday, June 28, 2013 12:49 PM
To: "dev@oodt.apache.org" <dev@oodt.apache.org>
Subject: Re: [jira] [Resolved] (OODT-639) Add a versioner based on Product
Type Metadata

>It's a reasonable start.  I had done something similar
>for CERES.  However, I think there are some kinds
>of collections (like Rock Cores and the NOAA Emergency
>Response Imagery collection) where the number of layers
>is different.
>Also, since I don't think you'd seen my examples of the
>FCA web site approach, I've attached my presentation
>for the WMSCI meeting the week after next.  Unzip
>the file (it's got the paper in pdf form).  The presentation
>is the .ppt file.  There are two example web sites included.
>You should be able to link from the appropriate pages to
>the web sites.  The first example has the navigation from
>no attributes to enough to select an object.  The second
>is a reasonable facsimile to the way the NOAA storm damage
>site works in the top level or two.  Note particularly the lack
>of having to input a keyword to navigate through the site.
>Thanks for the response.
>Bruce B.
>On Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 2:01 PM, Mattmann, Chris A (398J)
><chris.a.mattmann@jpl.nasa.gov> wrote:
>Hey Bruce,
>Totally agree. In Apache OODT, we have the layered, hierarchical attribute
>approach, already, wherein which the first layer is the "Product Type"
>capturing aggregate information bout a set of products (name, id,
>aggregate free form metadata, sets of metadata extractors, and
>"versioning" or
>file placement on disk policy, etc.). The next level is the Product level,
>we capture product (or frequently changing) level metadata; apply the
>scheme for file placement, and extract metadata using the per product type
>metadata extractors. Attributes at the product level are hierarchical in
>the sense
>that they are defined by per product type policy (though we can accept
>others) and
>are specified in the OODT File Manager server through the use of a
>ValidationLayer, and RepositoryManager selected for the running system.
>Chris Mattmann, Ph.D.
>Senior Computer Scientist
>NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Pasadena, CA 91109 USA
>Office: 171-266B, Mailstop: 171-246
>Email: chris.a.mattmann@nasa.gov
>WWW:  http://sunset.usc.edu/~mattmann/
>Adjunct Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department
>University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 90089 USA
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Bruce Barkstrom <brbarkstrom@gmail.com>
>Reply-To: "dev@oodt.apache.org" <dev@oodt.apache.org>
>Date: Wednesday, June 26, 2013 2:50 PM
>To: "dev@oodt.apache.org" <dev@oodt.apache.org>
>Subject: Re: [jira] [Resolved] (OODT-639) Add a versioner based on Product
>Type Metadata
>>I'll at least mention an issue we've discovered when examining existing
>>Earth science data collections: the collections have a layered or
>>structure, with each layer having different kinds of metadata (or, if I
>>a bit more formally, different types of metadata).  In Formal Concept
>>Analysis, it shows up as hierarchical attributes.
>>The easiest example is perhaps the NOAA Emergency Response Imagery
>>collection, where the top layer divides about 250,000 digital photos into
>>about twenty collections - one for each disastrous storm that needed an
>>emergency response.  Examples include Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane
>>Katrina, and the Tuscaloosa Tornado.  The top level metadata fields
>>are (Storm Name, Storm Date, and Storm Location).  One level below
>>that, the storm collections bifurcate into image collections organized
>>by airplane flight path or organized by coarse geographic boxes.
>>Each storm collection has this bifurcation - and so once a user
>>has distinguished which storm collection he or she is interested in,
>>Storm Name (or Date or Location) is not helpful in distinguishing
>>a flight path collection from a geographic collection.
>>The level below that for the flight path requires distinguishing which
>>flight path is the one you want.  Once you decide that, you can get
>>a zipped file with several hundred jpg images.  On the other hand,
>>if you go the geographic boxes, you can get individual images.
>>The metadata types for the boxes are quire different from the metadata
>>for the flight paths.
>>The same kind of structure crops up for rock core archives (wells, boxes
>>in a well, core fragments in a box), as well as for many of the satellite
>>data collections.
>>The usual library science approach (e.g. Functional Requirements
>>for Bibliographic Records, and its relatives) assumes all the inventoried
>>objects in an archive should have the same types of metadata.  With
>>the Emergency Response Imagery collection, the "Responsible Party"
>>field is sort of "Dept. of Commerce, NOAA, National Ocean Survey,
>>National Geodetic Survey, Emergency Response Imagery Project"
>>and its the same for every image or zipped image file.  At least in
>>this case, an "Author" metadata field (assuming that Dept. of Commerce
>>is a Responsible Party and that a Responsible Party is equivalent
>>to an Author) is of NO help at distinguishing which of the quarter
>>million files you might want to get.  In FCA, the algorithms would
>>ignore the field if applied to the whole collection.
>>Some care would appear to be appropriate.
>>Bruce b.
>>On Sat, Jun 22, 2013 at 1:31 PM, Chris A. Mattmann (JIRA)
>>>      [
>>> Chris A. Mattmann resolved OODT-639.
>>> ------------------------------------
>>>     Resolution: Fixed
>>> - fixed in r1495761. Added unit test and doc updates to all product
>>> suggesting how to use the new versioner.
>>> > Add a versioner based on Product Type Metadata
>>> > ----------------------------------------------
>>> >
>>> >                 Key: OODT-639
>>> >                 URL:
>>> >             Project: OODT
>>> >          Issue Type: New Feature
>>> >          Components: file manager
>>> >            Reporter: Chris A. Mattmann
>>> >            Assignee: Chris A. Mattmann
>>> >             Fix For: 0.6
>>> >
>>> >
>>> > Add a versioner that allows users to input the filePathSpec for the
>>> MetadataBasedVersioner using ProductTypeMetadata, e.g.,
>>> > {code:xml}
>>> > <type id="foo" name="Foo">
>>> >  <typeMetadata>
>>> >   <keyval>
>>> >     <key>filePathSpec</key>
>>> >     <val>/[AcquisitionDate]/[Filename]</val>
>>> >   </keyval>
>>> >  </typeMetadata>
>>> > ..
>>> > </type>
>>> > {code}
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