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From Tom Barber <tom.bar...@meteoriteconsulting.com>
Subject Help with OODT-123
Date Tue, 18 Jun 2013 14:41:48 GMT
Alright guys, after chatting with Chris, I thought I'd kick off my help 
with looking at OODT-123 and OODT-124.

Now clearly I'm new to how all the components hang together but OODT-123 
seems obvious enough but I'm curious to know quite what "Port any 
filemanger specific services currently in the curator over to the rest 
filemanager services area"

Now my way of working out what is what would be to look for filemgr 
dependencies and acertain whether they can be removed. I assume that if 
you are aiming to go rest based for communications then things like 
direct connections to the XMLRepositoryManager etc would need to be 
replaced with a restful representation.

Am I on the right path or way off?



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