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From Suresh Marru <sma...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Research project on integrating geoservices with Apache Airavata
Date Wed, 03 Apr 2013 21:30:20 GMT
On Apr 3, 2013, at 5:13 PM, Martin Desruisseaux <martin.desruisseaux@geomatys.fr> wrote:

> Hello Kumara
> Le 03/04/13 15:43, Harsha Kumara a écrit :
>> Those resources are really helpful for us to get a good background about
>> science workflows and gateways.Now we  focus more on to geoscience related
>> aspects.
>> As you suggested we are looking into Apache SIS to some extent. But we need
>> to know whether that integration will completely expose OGC and how far
>> convenient it will be for scientists.
> To give some context, it may be worth to present some of the SIS contributors.
> I'm myself an oceanographer by formation (I'm not supposed to be a developer) and started
to work on GIS as a side effect of a Ph.D thesis in oceanography, with a strong need for statistical
analysis work. For this reason, my contribution to SIS is strongly focused on scientist needs.
While I admit that ease of use is important, my personal approach is to try to be accurate
first, then provide convenience methods next. Incidentally, I work in a small company which
is hosted by a public research institutes specialized in remote sensing images.
> We are also OGC members. I'm the current chair of the GeoAPI working group. Frédéric
Houbie is a member of the OGC Architecture Board (OAB) and the editor of some OGC specifications.
Johann Sorel has done 2 or 3 years ago for OGC Met-Ocean group a proof of concept of SLD usability
to meteorological maps.
> We are in the process of porting approximatively one million lines of code to Apache
SIS. While only ISO 19115 metadata is emerging right now, the stack to port comprise referencing
services, coverages, features, processing, rendering, catalog, sensors, web services (WMS,
WCS, WPS, etc.), desktop application, and more. They are currently available as various open
source projects (Geotoolkit.org, MapFaces, Constellation-SDI, Puzzle-GIS, MD-Web) that we
would like to consolidate in Apache SIS. In this process, we are putting effort in consolidation,
documenting, adding more tests, and resolving some known limitations.
> We are in an interesting situation where the project is both relatively young, and disposes
of a relatively large code base. Peoples can evaluate the existing code in the above-mentioned
projects and express their concerns before we port them to Apache SIS. It may be a nice opportunity,
because it is easier to influence a young project than an old one in order to meet your needs.

Hello Martin,

It is really pleasing to hear such a commitment from some one deeply engaged in OGC. While
I agree with you on the influence on a younger project and also the impact an open community
process like Apache can have. I personally respect OGC as a governing organization and as
a standards defining body. But we all could not deny the fact that community rallied behind
OGC and produced some good software. I am curious to learn how will community respond to Apache
SIS vs any software endorsed by OGC? Do you see SIS positioning itself as a reference implementation
for the OGC standard? 


>    Regards,
>        Martin

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