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From Ross Laidlaw <rlaidlaw.o...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [GSoC Mentors] Google Summer of Code 2013
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2013 22:30:41 GMT
Hi Chris,

Many thanks for your kind words of encouragement, much appreciated!
I'm looking forward to making more contributions in the near future.
For example, I've been working on a solution for OODT-470 and hope to
have a proposal ready soon for discussion/review.  I'll try to use the
usual channels and post to JIRA and the review board when it's ready


On 15 February 2013 02:32, Mattmann, Chris A (388J)
<chris.a.mattmann@jpl.nasa.gov> wrote:
> Heya Ross,
> You were an amazing GSoC student last year, and a great member of the OODT
> PMC and SIS PMC.
> Please continue to contribute and we would be happy to have you as a GSoC
> again this summer!
> Cheers,
> Chris
> On 2/13/13 11:23 PM, "Ross Laidlaw" <rlaidlaw.open@gmail.com> wrote:
>>Hi Chris & Cam,
>>I'm listening in on the OODT and SIS lists and I've been following
>>along with great interest.  My GSoC experience last summer was very
>>positive.  I found OODT to be highly accessible because of its
>>component-based structure.  This allowed me to focus on one area (File
>>Manager) and start working on my project without having to learn
>>everything upfront about each part of OODT.  The approach for my
>>project was to break it down into smaller deliverable steps.  I liked
>>this idea as it helped me to gain momentum.  I found the OODT and SIS
>>communities to be very knowledgable, welcoming and encouraging.  All
>>of these aspects gave me a lot of enthusiasm to contribute and to
>>complete GSoC.
>>I've tried to spread the word about GSoC to my classmates and
>>colleagues.  Every year there are tons of applicants and there should
>>be lots of healthy competition again this year for places.  I'm still
>>a student and I'm very keen to apply this year if the OODT/SIS
>>communities would be happy for me to contribute again via GSoC.
>>On 13 February 2013 22:09, Cameron Goodale <goodale@apache.org> wrote:
>>> Chris,
>>> I think it would be a good idea to check in with Ross who was our GSoC
>>> student last summer, and ask him for feedback on his experience with
>>>  I hope he is listening to the dev list still, but if not we should
>>> check-in and see what he is doing now.
>>> My hope is that if Ross gives us feedback (good or bad or both) we can
>>> to improve this summer for our next GSoC student.  My apologies in
>>> if you already did this when the GSoC last year was closed out.
>>> Just a few questions to get the feedback pump primed would be:
>>> Was the mini-project challenging enough?
>>> Did the OODT Devs provide enough information and support?
>>> Did you encounter anything that was frustrating or unnecessarily
>>> Any thoughts?
>>> -Cam chee
>>> On Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 12:24 PM, Mattmann, Chris A (388J) <
>>> chris.a.mattmann@jpl.nasa.gov> wrote:
>>>> [Sorry for cross posting]
>>>> Guys,
>>>> FYI please note that you can participate as a mentor from a PMC via
>>>> as they are a GSoC org. ComDev will coordinate our participation but
>>>> thinking about what projects we may want to do.
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Chris
>>>> From: Carol Smith <carols@google.com<mailto:carols@google.com>>
>>>> Date: Monday, February 11, 2013 11:02 AM
>>>> To: Google Summer of Code Mentors List <
>>>> google-summer-of-code-mentors-list@googlegroups.com<mailto:
>>>> google-summer-of-code-mentors-list@googlegroups.com>>
>>>> Subject: [GSoC Mentors] Google Summer of Code 2013
>>>> Hi GSoC mentors and org admins,
>>>> We've announced that we're doing Google Summer of Code 2013 [1]. Yay!
>>>> If you would like to help spread the word about GSoC, we have
>>>> presentations [2], logos [3], and flyers [4] for you to use. Please
>>>> meetups, tell your friends and colleagues about the program, go to
>>>> conferences, talk to people about the program, and just generally do
>>>> the awesome word-of-mouth stuff you do every year to promote the
>>>> The GSoC calendar, FAQ, and events timeline have all been updated with
>>>> this year's important dates, so please refer to those for the
>>>> for this year's program. NB: the normal timeline for the program has
>>>> modified for this year. You'll probably want to examine the dates
>>>> to make sure you know when important things are happening.
>>>> Please consider translating the presentations and/or flyers into your
>>>> native language and submitting them directly to me to post on the wiki.
>>>> Localization for our material is integral to reaching the widest
>>>> audience around the world. If you decide to translate a flyer, please
>>>> out our form to request a thank you gift for your effort. [5]
>>>> If you decide to host a meetup, please email me to let me know the
>>>> time, and location so I can put it on the GSoC calendar. Also,
>>>>remember to
>>>> take pictures at your meetup and write up a blog post for our blog
>>>> our provided template for formatting [6]. If you need promotional
>>>>items for
>>>> your attendees, please fill out our form [7] to request some; we're
>>>> to send some along. We can provide up to about 25 pens, notebooks, or
>>>> stickers and/or a few t-shirts. Please keep in mind, though, that
>>>> restrictions and timeline vary country-to-country; request items early
>>>> make sure they get there on time! If you have questions about hosting
>>>> meetups, please see the section in our FAQ [8].
>>>> Please consider applying to participate as an organization again this
>>>> or maybe joining as a mentor for your favorite organization if they are
>>>> selected this year.
>>>> We rely on you for your help for the success of this program, so thank
>>>> in advance for all the work you do!
>>>> [1] -
>>>> [2] -
>>>> [3] - http://code.google.com/p/google-summer-of-code/wiki/GsocLogos
>>>> [4] - http://code.google.com/p/google-summer-of-code/wiki/GsocFlyers
>>>> [5] - http://goo.gl/gEHDO
>>>> [6] - http://goo.gl/wbZrt
>>>> [7] - http://goo.gl/0BsR8
>>>> [8] - http://goo.gl/2NGfp
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Carol
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