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From Brian Foster <holeno...@me.com>
Subject Workflow Task/Condition Instances...
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2012 23:05:46 GMT
hey chris,

so i'm going through this WorkflowProcessor stuff and finishing it up... I'm trying to make
it so that WorkflowProcessor is used by all Workflow Engines... WorkflowInstance holds the
state, times, etc.. for a Workflow, and then a WorkflowProcessor is response for analyzing
that WorkflowInstance and determining what to run next in the Workflow... in this process
i've notices that we really don't have any "WorkflowInstance-like" class for Tasks and Conditions...
A WorkflowTaskInstance is actually the runnable task/condition job... I know this would be
a big structural change, but i think WorkflowTaskInstance and WorkflowConditionInstance should
be similar to WorkflowInstance (it should hold the state, times, etc... for a task/condition)...
then possibly introduce a WorkflowTaskExecutable and WorkflowConditionExecutable interface,
or something like that, which CAS-PGE and all other runnable tasks would implement instead...
then i've already created a version of WorkflowInstance which would hold the WorkflowTaskInstances
and WorkflowConditionInstance for it's task, preConds, and postConds... this way when one
loads a WorkflowInstance they would have access to all the state, times, etc.. of everything
in that workflow... this makes is very easy to create a WorkflowProcessor which then is stateless
and when given a WorkflowInstance can easy determine what is the next thing to run or what
state the workflow is in... this new design i working toward also ditches the whole WorkflowProcessorListener
interface stuff, which i never liked in the first place, but just never came up with something

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