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From "Mattmann, Chris A (388J)" <chris.a.mattm...@jpl.nasa.gov>
Subject Re: Downloading error when running the script "pushpull" in oodt-0.4
Date Sat, 21 Jul 2012 18:29:23 GMT
Hi YunHee,

On Jul 19, 2012, at 6:14 PM, YunHee Kang wrote:

> HI Chris,
> I made correct  a corresponding ProtocolFactory for ftp Protocol  in
> the file  policy/ProtocolFactoryInfo for running a script "pushpull".
> I think  I fixed the problem related with a ftp connection to a remote site.
> But I got the follow a part of  the error message when I ran the script.
> SEVERE: Failed to finish downloading per property files
> /home/yhkang/oodt/cas-pushpull/etc/examples/DirStructXmlParserFiles/TESL2CO2.xml
> : null
> Is there any problem in the file "TESL2CO2.xml" ?
> <root>
>    <dirstruct starting_path="/TES/TL2CO2N.005">
>        <nofiles/>
>        <dir name="\d{4}\.\d{2}\.\d{2}">
>            <nodirs/>
>            <file name="TES-Aura_L2-CO2-Nadir_r\d{10}\w{2}\d{2}\w\d{2}\.he5"/>
>        </dir>
>    </dirstruct>
> </root>

I *think* (but could be wrong) that you need to prefix 
the '_' with a '\'. 

There is a program called ExpressionValidator that we ship with

java -Djava.ext.dirs=../lib org.apache.oodt.cas.pushpull.util.ExpressionValidator

That you can use to validate your regexes.

Give that a shot and let us know!


Chris Mattmann, Ph.D.
Senior Computer Scientist
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Pasadena, CA 91109 USA
Office: 171-266B, Mailstop: 171-246
Email: chris.a.mattmann@nasa.gov
WWW:   http://sunset.usc.edu/~mattmann/
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 90089 USA

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