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From "Nguyen, Ricky" <rngu...@chla.usc.edu>
Subject Re: serving files from filemgr
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2012 18:28:23 GMT
Thanks for the info Chris. Comments inline...

On Apr 24, 2012, at 8:27 PM, Mattmann, Chris A (388J) wrote:

> Hi Ricky,
>> On 4/23/12 11:58 AM, Nguyen, Ricky wrote:
>>> Seems like there are many different front ends for the file manager.
>>> 1) app/fmbrowser - a Swing application
> Yep, written on the OCO and NPP projects by Dave W., to serve a quick browse
> need. 

Seems like the web UI (#3 webapp/fmbrowser) is preferred, but this is kept because it still
works and is good for non-browser/non-webcontainer use.

>>> 2) webapp/fmprod - a REST service
> Yep, providing RSS/RDF feeds and metadata for products, as well as dataset delivery (by
zip), coupled with 
> zipped products and met and dataset met, along with product delivery (by zip), coupled
with product met.
> Originally developed to support the National Cancer Institute and EDRN, but now supporting
a growing number of other projects.

Cool. Machine readable. Zero UI. REST service.

>>> 3) webapp/fmbrowser - wicket web app, not sure what this is?
> This is a Wicket-based version of the original web app for the new CAS, the FIle Manager
Browser. It
> is really the inspiration behind the File Manager browse capability (a "drop in" module
to PCS OPSui)
> that is being developed e.g., in Balance, that has been developed using other frameworks
like pure
> JSP in the early days, and that I decided per https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/OODT-155
> that it was time to upgrade to Wicket.

Web UI that uses panels/components from #4. Mostly for browsing products/metadata/types etc.

>>> 4) webapp/components - wicket web app, not sure what this is?
> This is a core set of Widgets written in the Wicket framework that are totally reusable.
They are pure
> HTML (with XHTML compliant attributes), fully previeweable, with decoupled CSS and javascript.
> Wicket requires components be packaged right alongside their Java controllers, in the
> structure.
> Included in these reusable modules are:
>  * a Product Types browser
>  * a Product viewer (transfer status, etc.)
>  * a Product Metadata viewer
>  * a Product Reference viewer
>  * a per-Product Type search interface
>  * a Workflow instances viewer
>  * a Workflow viewer
>  * a Workflow Task viewer
>  * a Workflow Condition viewer
>  * a Workflow Event browser
>  * the PCS stat monitor widget
>  * a PCS pedigree tree widget, included in the OPSui
> The FM browser from OODT-155 is built by simply "dropping" the above components into

> HTML pages in the fmbrowser webapp and then writing a 5 line Java controller that binds
> the HTML view object t to the backend controller. The Workflow Monitor in OODT-156 is
> built similarly, and the OPSui in https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/OODT-157 is an
> agglomerate of the above "higher" level modules for FM browser and for WM monitoring,
> coupled with the PCS health and pedigree functionality.

Re-usable drop-in panels that seem to encapsulate "business logic" of using the xmlrpc clients.

> Wicket In Action is a *great* book that describes the framework and I really recommend
> I picked it up really quickly and got through Chapter 8 in the first week. Rishi I know
> really got behind it.
>>> 5) pcs/opsui - wicket web app, demo'd at apachecon '11, what can it do for filemgr?
> See above. 

I see pcs/opsui also reuses the filemgr drop-in panels from #4. So while #3 is pure filemgr
UI, #5 is a dashboard/conglomeration of UIs for filemgr/workflow mgr/ etc… 

>>> 3, 4 and 5 all appear to have "product browsing" capabilities (what I'm guessing
from looking at the java class names). What are the differences between these apps? Do they
work together or have different roles? Are some deprecated in favor of others?
> I would leverage the PCS OPSui as a starting point. It's easily skinnable, ships with
Apache OODT 0.4
> (if we ever release it -- JUST KIDDING :) ) and is also baked into OODT RADIX.
> Paul R. can talk more about that.
> HTH!
> Cheers,
> Chris
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