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From Thomas Bennett <lmzxq....@gmail.com>
Subject Data transfer questions
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2012 13:57:00 GMT

I have a few questions about data transfer and thought I would roll it into
one email:

1) Local and remote data transfer with the same file manager

   - I see that when configuring a cas-crawler, one specifies the data
   transfer factory by using --clientTransferer
   - However in etc/filemgr.properties the data transfer factory
   is specified with  filemgr.datatransfer.factory.

Does this mean that I if I specify a local transfer factory I cannot  use a
crawler with a remote data transferer?

I'm wanting to cater for a situation where files could be ingested locally
as well as remotely using a single file manager. Is this possible?

2) Copy and ingested product on a back up archive

For backup (and access purposes), I'm wanting to ingest the product into an
off site archive (at our main engineering office) with it's
own separate catalogue.
What is the recommended way of doing this?

They way I currently do this is by replicate the files using rsync (but I'm
then left with finding a way to update the catalogue). I was wondering if
there was a neater (more OODT) solution?

I was thinking, perhaps using the functionality described in OODT-84
(Ability for File Manager to stage an ingested Product to one of its
clients) and then have a second crawler on the backup archive which will
then update it's own catalogue.

I just thought I would ask the question in case anyone has tried something


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