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From "Nguyen, Ricky" <rngu...@chla.usc.edu>
Subject Re: DIS-style query error
Date Thu, 13 Oct 2011 17:40:59 GMT
Yes, I agree that it is valid. I will file an issue and create a unit test to reproduce the
issue. I'll use query strings like these:
RETURN = foo AND RETURN = bar AND (foo = 'yes' OR bar = 'no')
(foo = 'yes' OR bar = 'no') AND RETURN = foo AND RETURN = bar

I assume AND has precedence over OR, so the parentheses are necessary. (What does a RETURN
triple evaluate to?)

Theoretically, could we also do this?:
RETURN = foo AND (foo = 'yes' OR bar = 'no') AND RETURN = bar


On Oct 13, 2011, at 8:55 AM, Sean Kelly wrote:

>>> DIS-style query2:
>>> prod?q=RETURN = mrn AND RETURN = birth_dt_tm AND loc_nurse_unit_cd_desc_1 = 'PICU'
OR loc_nurse_unit_cd_desc_1 = 'PICU2'
>> This isn't a valid DIS-tyle query. Note that you can't do RETURN = a *AND* b. It's
> I think it is valid. The constraint is "loc_nurse_unit_cd_desc_1 = 'PICU' OR loc_nurse_unit_cd_desc_1
= 'PICU2'" and the range is "mrn" and "birth_dt_tm".
> We usually write all the RETURNs at the end:
> 	loc_nurse_unit_cd_desc_1 = 'PICU' OR loc_nurse_unit_cd_desc_1 = 'PICU2' AND RETURN =
mrn AND RETURN = birth_dt_tm
> But if I remember how the parser works, it doesn't matter where the RETURNs appear, or
what conjunctive is used to attach them in. Or, at least, it shouldn't. (We have a bug?)
> --k

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