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From Thomas Bennett <tbenn...@ska.ac.za>
Subject Catalog queries
Date Thu, 22 Sep 2011 21:30:21 GMT

I have a few questions about building queries for filemgr lucene catalogs
and I was thinking someone may be able to help me.

I've ingested some files into catalog and then using the command line tools
(and aliases - thanks Cameron!) to query the catalog.

I'm not too familiar with writing SQL queries, but I've been able to achieve
the the following types of queries:

bin$ ./query_tool --url http://localhost:9000 --sql -query "SELECT
Observer,Description,Duration,ExperimentID FROM KatFile WHERE
Observer='jasper'" --sortBy Duration

Which returns:
jasper,a9909ae6-822b-11e0-a7a1-0060dd4721d8,Target track,637.841571569
jasper,47c3a4da-822a-11e0-a7a1-0060dd4721d8,Target track,565.859450817
jasper,777b0f34-8224-11e0-a7a1-0060dd4721d8,Target track,80.9798858166

bin$ ./query_tool --url http://localhost:9000 --lucene -query

Which returns:

   1. The SQL query does what I expect ;-) but with one problem - in what
   order will I receive the data? I can't figure out an automatic way to find
   out which column is which data.
   2. Is full SQL query syntax supported?
   3. The Lucene query returns the productID. Is there a class I can use
   that will return something similar to the sql query? (Although I should look
   at the code and find this out for myself - asking is free :-)
   4. I've not yet tested any more complex SQL and Lucene queries - I was
   just wondering if there where any useful info out there that would show me
   some more funky example queries. So far I've found lucene
    and sql quick ref <http://www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_quickref.asp>. I'll
   tie this into OODT Filemgr User
   I've figured these things out.
   5. I see the version of lucene being used it quiet old (2.0.0 and the
   latest ver is 2.9.1). Is there any reason why OODT is using this old
   6. Should I be spending the effort to use a different (i.e. sql database)
   or are other OODT implementations using lucene?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Kind regards,

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