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From "Ramirez, Paul M (388J)" <paul.m.rami...@jpl.nasa.gov>
Subject [VOTE] Apache OODT 0.3 Release
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2011 21:11:04 GMT
Hi Folks,
Apache OODT 0.3 is almost upon us. Special thanks to Andrew Hart and Chris
Mattmann as they were heavily involved in release process. For a time there 
Maven release plugin didn't seem to want to let this happen.
I have posted a 1st release candidate for the Apache OODT 0.3 release. The
source code is at:


For more detailed information, see the included CHANGES.txt file for details on
release contents and latest changes. The release was made using the OODT 
release process, documented on the Wiki here:


The release was made from the OODT 0.3 tag (r1139067) at:


A staged Maven repository is available at:


Please vote on releasing these packages as Apache OODT 0.3. The vote is
open for the next 72 hours.

Only votes from OODT PMC are binding, but folks are welcome to check the
release candidate and voice their approval or disapproval. The vote passes
if at least three binding +1 votes are cast.

[ ] +1 Release the packages as Apache OODT 0.3

[ ] -1 Do not release the packages because...


Paul Ramirez

P.S. Here is my +1.

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