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From "Ramirez, Paul M (388J)" <paul.m.rami...@jpl.nasa.gov>
Subject RC Candidate
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2011 00:04:19 GMT
Hey Guys,

Got a little distracted this weekend I forgot we were having company in town and over. That
said I will have time tomorrow to work on a RC.


On Jan 12, 2011, at 2:50 PM, Sean Kelly wrote:

> OK folks, the official word is that we are allowed to host not just the metadata but
also the source tarballs for Python packages on the Python Package Index [1], aka the Cheeseshop.
> So, if no one minds, I'd like to go ahead and update the Cheeseshop entry for oodt-0.1
within the next 24 hours, unless there are any objections. Speak now.
> Prior to oodt-0.2, I'll update the release documentation [2], to include uploading the
package to the Cheeseshop.
> Paul, since you're the release engineer for 0.2, you'll need to register on the Cheeseshop.
You can use an OpenID [3] or the built-in registration system.
> Let me know once you're registered and I'll give you perms on the oodt project [4].
> References:
> [1] http://pypi.python.org/pypi
> [2] https://cwiki.apache.org/OODT/release-process.html
> [3] http://openid.net/
> [4] http://pypi.python.org/pypi/oodt

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