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From Ross Gardler <rgard...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] OODT Podling Incubator Experiment (was Re: Radical revamp (was: an experiment))
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2010 08:38:08 GMT
Unlike the observer role. It's very close to the current signing off of board reports by mentors
but forces them to do a little more than put there name to a piece of electronic paper. 

Personally I imagined my binding vote, as a mentor, to indicate a) the project debs want this
tongi ahead and b) in my opinion it is sat for the ASF and the project to proceed. 

I didn't imagine my vote having anything to do with the technical aspects of the project (unless
also a committer of course)

This is what the board do when approving project reports right? It's about social an community
health not technical health, right?

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On 17 Aug 2010, at 05:56, Justin Erenkrantz <justin@erenkrantz.com> wrote:

> [ CCing general@incubator as I think I can now place my finger a bit
> as to why I'm discomforted with Greg's proposal in the OODT context ;
> and more importantly, another potential experiment at the end; leaving
> context in for those on general@incubator ]
> On Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 9:21 PM, Mattmann, Chris A (388J)
> <chris.a.mattmann@jpl.nasa.gov> wrote:
>> (moving to oodt-dev@incubator.a.o, context coming in separate email FWD)
>> Hey Justin,
>>>> +1 from me with my OODT hat on.
>>>> Also, I like Greg's proposal b/c it puts the onus on those (proposed)
>>>> $podling.apache.org PMC members who are active, without external "peanut
>>>> gallery" oversight.
>>> However, I think we should probably have a discussion on the OODT list
>>> as we should think through what this means and how it'd affect the
>>> nascent community.  With Subversion, it already had a very vibrant,
>>> diverse, and self-governing community - OODT isn't quite there so
>>> there's a bit of a risk there.  Perhaps this will act as a prod to
>>> promote the self-governance - which is ideally what we want anyway.
>> +1
>>> At the moment, I probably don't have the time necessary to sit down
>>> and lead the conversation within OODT.  That alone does give me a bit
>>> of a reservation about what exactly we're signing up for.  =)  --
>> To me, all we are signing up for with Greg's proposal is basically to have
>> something like:
>> 1. oodt.apache.org exists today
>> 2. Ian, Chris, Justin and Jean Frederic are OODT PMC members + committers
>> 3. OODT committers continue as-is
>> 5. There is no more IPMC oversight
>> 5. VOTEs on releases are approved by 3 +1s of OODT PMC members
>>   - OODT committers weigh in on releases and their weigh in is taken into
>> consideration by OODT PMC members (as is done today even with PPMC and IPMC)
>> 6. VOTEs on new committers are approved by 3 +1s of OODT PMC members
>>   - OODT committers weigh in on new committers and their weigh in is taken
>> into consideration by OODT PMC members (as is done today even with PPMC and
>> IPMC)
>> 7. When we're ready (we can even keep the same Incubator checklist), we put
>> up a board resolution to "graduate" into *true* oodt.apache.org TLP. To me,
>> ready =
>>   - we've made at least 1 release (we're close!)
>>   - we've VOTE'd in a couple new committers (keep those patches coming
>> people!) hopefully with some diversity in mind, but if we don't get there,
>> and the committers are still vibrant and healthy, then we move forward.
>> OODT already has a pretty vast user community and healthy community that I'm
>> slowing working to get signed up over here in the Incubator. We've had
>> contributions from folks from Children's Hospital (thanks guys!), interest
>> from other NASA centers (welcome Mark and others!), and some new folks from
>> JPL stepping up and earning merit (welcome Cameron, and thanks for popping
>> up Rishi!).
>> Is that your take too?
> Yes, I think that roughly outlines what Greg proposed.
> See, here's where I get a bit discomforted by this entire process: I
> honestly don't feel that I deserve a "vote" on OODT releases.  I've
> known you and Dave for long enough that I have no concerns advising
> the OODT community and trying to help out - but...giving me a binding
> vote?
> I want to encourage a process where the people doing the work get to
> have the power.  At the core, that is what Apache is about - and
> having doofus's like me casting a vote for a release seems like
> straying from that.  I'm *totally* fine turning on "cranky" mode and
> keeping the peanut gallery away so ya'll on oodt-dev@ get real work
> done.
> For Subversion, I was already a full committer and earned my merit.
> So, I had zero qualms about giving my $.02 there whether they wanted
> it or not.  =)
> Given your (Chris) experience with other ASF projects (and, heck,
> being a PMC Chair), I can see exactly how the Subversion analogy (in
> my head) applies to you.  You're a member, you know how things work,
> you have merit within OODT - so, yah, perfect sense.  Smucks like me
> who get confuzzled reading Maven build scripts?  Nah, not right that I
> should have a binding vote.
> Now, could we say that I would act as a "certifier"/"observer" that
> all of the major processes were followed?  Heck yah.  No qualms there.
> Here's an analogy I'm coming around to: in a lot of new democracies,
> there are "observers" who are sent in to monitor elections.  They
> witness the elections, poke around, and make sure nothing unseemly is
> going on.  They don't vote, but they do "observe".  They then issue a
> certification or report to be filed with the vote.  (I'm catching up
> on my backlog of issues of The Economist; just read their article
> about nascent democracies in Africa on the plane...)
> Hmm, maybe there's something to this "observer" model as this
> reconciles my qualms and could provide the basis for an oversight
> model.  Does this analogy move the needle for anyone else?  Could a
> combination of "mentor" and "observer" be sufficient?  I think so...
> -- justin
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