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From Bruce Barkstrom <brbarkst...@gmail.com>
Subject A Use Case for Helping Users "Qualify" Their Environment for OODT
Date Wed, 25 Aug 2010 15:39:58 GMT
I've had some extensive e-mail conversations with
Chris Mattman regarding UML design documentation
and how it might be helpful to OODT.  After looking
at some of the documentation in the OODT Web
site(s), I thought the enclosed use case might be
helpful for designing an interface for users who wanted
to know what kind of configuration they might need to
do and what they might download.

I've included two versions of the use case:
1.  A PDF version that could be placed in an
appropriate place for public visibility.
2.  An Open Office version that could be modified
by developers and contributors.  Open Office doesn't
cost anything, so it is available to anyone that
wanted to download it (as opposed to MS Office
products, say).

I'm working with BOUML, a free Open Source
piece of software, which rivals Rational Rose and
related design tools for creating UML - all the way
to code generation (Java, C++, etc.).  Simply
Google BOUML and go to the site to obtain it.
I have been using it for a number of years and
would be happy to use it to provide UML for OODT
if there's an interest.

As a note on my background, here's a brief
summary of my experience:
Current State: Retired civil servant in Asheville, NC;
   unaffiliated but publishing
Science Data Provider and Production System Architect:
   - Earth Radiation Budget Experiment (NASA) Experiment Scientist 1980-1990
         production system: 250,000 SLOC (mostly FORTRAN) at LaRC
   - Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System (NASA) Instrument PI
         production system 650,000 SLOC (mostly FORTRAN with some Ada) at
   - Participant in EOS Data Panel for EOSDIS, including all EOSDIS Design
Data Archive Management:
   - Head, Atmospheric Sciences Data Center, NASA LaRC 2001-2006
   - Participant in GGF, including Co-Chair of Preservation Environments WG
         Reagan Moore
Long-Term Information Preservation
   - Project Manager, Science Data Stewardship, NOAA NCDC 2006-2008
I program in Ada, including concurrent systems designs for computational
economics, as well as being familiar with UML - and have some smattering
of experience with FORTRAN and Java.

Bruce R. Barkstrom

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