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From Justin Erenkrantz <jus...@erenkrantz.com>
Subject Setting the commit bar for OODT?
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2010 05:18:13 GMT
Instead of having this conversation on oodt-private@, I think it might
be useful to have this discussion in public.

What are folks's feeling around where/when we should offer commit
privileges to OODT codebase?

In the projects I've been involved with, there have been two philosophies:
 - Commit access requires sustained contributions over a period of
time (at least six months for httpd; ~2 months for APR)
 - Commit access should be granted like candy [Subversion]

Subversion has an additional dimension (which got Subversion in
trouble during the Incubator; but...well...Greg "resolved" that
problem *chuckle*) which allows any full committer to "sponsor" a
person for partial commit access.  Anyway, here is Subversion's
write-up regarding commit access:

Subversion's philosophy is centered around "trust" and "Um, it's all
under version control so really what harm could anyone do?"...httpd's
is around "this is a complex codebase; we only want committers who
understand it".  Both are perfectly valid.  The only people who should
be committers are people you are comfortable working with.

There are many right answers to this issue - but I think it'd be good
to make it clear what our expectations are.  Whatever the decision is
would also be good to put a blurb up on our OODT website and
documentation (even in a top-level README).

Thoughts?  It'd be great for *everyone* (committers or not!) on-list
to chime in.  =)  -- justin

P.S. This thought came up as I looked at the patches recently applied
from JIRA and wondering where the commit bar should be.

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