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From Paul Zimdars <pzimd...@jpl.nasa.gov>
Subject Re: Setting the commit bar for OODT?
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2010 16:48:48 GMT
  Hi Chris,

I am a newcomer on the scene but IMHO I believe you hit on some
excellent points. I have worked with you and the OODT gang on the JPL
side of the house and I completely agree that an open and clear method
of contributing to the community and being recognized for is definitely
a big +1. This allows for "new blood" to be encouraged and rewarded for
showing interest and providing support to new and upcoming projects such
as OODT.

On 8/16/2010 10:41 PM, Mattmann, Chris A (388J) wrote:
> Hey Justin,
> Great thoughts, and great to have the discussion in public.
> I¹ve seen a lot of different models for this, mainly based on criteria like:
> A) time a contributor has to wait
> B) complexity of patches submitted by a contributor
> C) resistance to contributor's patches by committership/PMC for whatever
> reason (business, resistance to personalities, etc.)
> D) recognition of support/assistance at the *right time* from contributors
> To me the single most important factor has really been D (which is really
> dependent on where the project is in its life). I've seen projects go from
> totally healthy to stagnant, and see the bar for committership change based
> on that. I remember way back in the Nutch days in 2005, when Hadoop, Tika
> and a slew of other projects were all incubating inside of it, the bar for
> committership was VERY high. I (and other contributors but not committers)
> had something like the httpd/APR experience, but even worse.
> I've seen Nutch go from that in 2005-2007, to stagnating and nearly dying
> off, to some fresh new blood coming in, and to us doing some internal gazing
> at whether or not we should loosen the bar to encourage those that are
> contributing via documentation or emails, or that have contributed even a
> few decent patches to be considered for committership, because let's be
> honest, it's a honor, and it really does motivate a contributor to be
> *rewarded* with a gold Apache badge in the form of an email address and SVN
> access.
> I've also seen projects be very open from the get-go, and encouraging of new
> contributors which I'd classify as my Tika experience. It's really worked
> out, and we usually have folks like Jukka who are great at monitoring who's
> helping out even a little bit and who is on our watchlist and things like
> that.
> For OODT...I really think we're at a point where my personal belief is to
> reward those that show interest, and that are willing to try things like:
> 1. building the website, and updating documentation (Sean Kelly's OODT site
> builder rox, it's the perfect combination of Python, Java, Maven, and well a
> dozen other technologies I don't really understand). LOL. That said, running
> the process here [1] to build the website and test out a new website patch
> is a feat in itself and those that have success in doing this even 1x times,
> and that submit a patch for it should be considered for committership at
> some point soonish.
> 2. fixing bugs - we've had less of these types of patches from outside the
> committership, but that's probably a function of just trying to get the
> OODT@apache code building and the licenses fixed, and all the JPL specific
> stuff removed. It's been a huge effort on that part, and we're just now at a
> point where the code is really useable. So, a lot of the bugs/etc. patches
> that will be coming here in the near future will still likely be folks who
> are using OODT in their existing environments, but who have found/fixed bugs
> that can be turned around and started to be ported to Apache OODT, which is
> what we're asking all existing OODT projects to do.
> 3. running unit tests and helping to get the existing build working and in
> tip-top order so we can make a release. This has mostly been a committer
> activity so far, but we did get a patch way back when from the CHLA folks
> who were trying to help out on this.
> 4. New documentation, graphics, logos. We had some great contributions from
> the CHLA folks on these too.
> Of course, the complexity, quality, and timeliness of patches in 1-4 above
> will vary *significantly*, but at this stage, my feeling would be to gain as
> many helping hands as possible during Incubation (the greater the diversity
> the merrier in terms of organizations and those individuals contributing)
> and to be more inclusive on the committership side than exclusive, but
> that's just me.
> Others, chime in, please!
> Cheers,
> Chris
> [1] http://s.apache.org/iX
> On 8/16/10 10:18 PM, "Justin Erenkrantz"<justin@erenkrantz.com>  wrote:
>> Instead of having this conversation on oodt-private@, I think it might
>> be useful to have this discussion in public.
>> What are folks's feeling around where/when we should offer commit
>> privileges to OODT codebase?
>> In the projects I've been involved with, there have been two philosophies:
>>   - Commit access requires sustained contributions over a period of
>> time (at least six months for httpd; ~2 months for APR)
>>   - Commit access should be granted like candy [Subversion]
>> Subversion has an additional dimension (which got Subversion in
>> trouble during the Incubator; but...well...Greg "resolved" that
>> problem *chuckle*) which allows any full committer to "sponsor" a
>> person for partial commit access.  Anyway, here is Subversion's
>> write-up regarding commit access:
>>    http://subversion.apache.org/docs/community-guide/roles.html#committers
>> Subversion's philosophy is centered around "trust" and "Um, it's all
>> under version control so really what harm could anyone do?"...httpd's
>> is around "this is a complex codebase; we only want committers who
>> understand it".  Both are perfectly valid.  The only people who should
>> be committers are people you are comfortable working with.
>> There are many right answers to this issue - but I think it'd be good
>> to make it clear what our expectations are.  Whatever the decision is
>> would also be good to put a blurb up on our OODT website and
>> documentation (even in a top-level README).
>> Thoughts?  It'd be great for *everyone* (committers or not!) on-list
>> to chime in.  =)  -- justin
>> P.S. This thought came up as I looked at the patches recently applied
>> from JIRA and wondering where the commit bar should be.
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