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From Sean Kelly <ke...@apache.org>
Subject RMI & CORBA
Date Thu, 15 Jul 2010 15:06:11 GMT
In order to get OODT-16 (OODT website) done, I'm having to get all the code in working order
as well, since Maven generates the website and won't proceed if it can't get past compilation
or tests. That's taking quite a bit of time since there are thousands of minuscule i's to
dot and t's to cross. But I'm making progress.

However, in doing so, I see a lot of ancient history that, to me, seems silly to keep supporting.
Yeah, you see 'em, lurking the corner. They know their days are numbered.


RMI was fun while it lasted. The RMI registry was a pain in the butt, sure, and it was Java-only,
but we were our own customers back then so that was OK.

CORBA ... oh don't get me started on the ultra FAIL that was CORBA. I would not let my ugliest,
smelliest dog even sit on CORBA.

None of the current OODT customers use either RMI or CORBA. They've all moved to HTTP. Yet
we still have lots of cruft to support both in the OODT code. It means more headache, more
potential for error, and less efficiency for both the software and the developers stuck with

Are these interfaces we want to keep alive? Will future OODT adopters actually use them? My
feeling is "no". We've got HTTP which is ≫ (RMI + CORBA).

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