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From Andrew Akira Toulouse <and...@atoulou.se>
Subject Re: Server dependencies on Servlets
Date Sun, 18 Dec 2011 09:06:15 GMT
Apologies for the late reply; it seems that my email wasn't included
in the return email.

Play's servlet wrapper is a compatibility layer for when it is
deployed from tomcat. However, the primary mode of use is as a
stand-alone server, which allows it to do nifty things such as
websockets and asynchronous request handling (not unlike Node.js only
built on top of a more...rigorous language). So no, this isn't an
option, unfortunately. It's somewhat of an unconventional choice - so
far - as far as Java web applications go, but it has strong support
from Typesafe and Scala community support is growing. It's also in use
at Klout, supported on Heroku, and seems on a trajectory that doesn't
end in obscurity. Unfortunately, by eschewing use of the servlet
abstraction, it does exclude itself from useful modules tailored to
the Servlet API.

Is amber modularized enough that compatibility for a non-Servlet API
request/response object could be written in without too much trouble?

> Hi Andrew,
> starting from point I do not know Play at all wouldn't be easier to use the SERVLET_REQ
> from the framework ? [0]
> Apologies if I am totally wrong, just my 2 cents
> [0] http://www.playframework.org/documentation/api/1.2.4/play%2Fserver%2FServletWrapper.html

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