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From Vinayak Joshi <winjos...@gmail.com>
Subject Olingo V4 - customizing the service root uri
Date Thu, 14 Jan 2016 09:10:22 GMT

I am trying to build a dynamic OData solution where a user can build
multiple OData services e.g. to different data sources.

My current attempt at doing this is by creating a single entry servlet.

When a user configures an OData service, I assign a unique "service-id" for
the generated service and inform the user that his service is generated at
say :


My entry servlet is configured to receive calls at  /odata/*

The entry servlet reads the service-id from the pathInfo () and routes the
request to the appropriate ODataHTTPHandler -> handler.process (req, resp);

My problem currently is that doing this makes OData respond with this error:

"Cannot find EntitySet, Singleton, ActionImport or FunctionImport with name

It appears OData is inspecting the servlet path on the incoming request to
determine what needs to be done and takes 'service-id' in the path to be an
entity etc.

Looks like if I can inform OData in some way to consider
http://example.com/odata/service-id/ as the service root uri instead of
http://example.com/odata/ , then my problem would be solved. Is there a way
to do this with Olingo V4 ?

This is a first so please excuse me for sending this mail off to both user
and dev mailing lists. Was not quite sure which of the two was the right
mailing list for this query. If someone points out - I can take care going
forward :)

- Vin

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