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From Riccardo Mariani <mariani.riccardo...@gmail.com>
Subject Olingo v4 RC01 bound function
Date Wed, 16 Sep 2015 06:05:58 GMT
Hi Olingo users,
I'm using the v4 RC01.

I've an abstract entity type "E" and several entity types "E1", "E2", 
etc... which have "E" as a base type.
Then I have a function F bound to the abstract entity type E and I would 
like to be able to call the function on each derived entity type E1, E2, 
for example http://service/E1/F(...) or http://service/E2/F(...) etc...

Currently I cannot call http://service/E1/F(...) because the library 
expects the abstract entity type as the bound parameter.

Is the library behaviour correct?
Should I bind the function to each derived entity type?
Or there is another way to obtain this behaviour (like a cast)?

Thank you very much,


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