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From "Amend, Christian" <christian.am...@sap.com>
Subject RE: Support for @odata.bind from olingo-odata4-js
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2018 13:56:10 GMT
Hi Nestor,

true the JS library has not seen any commits in a long time. As of now I would not say that
the JS part is still active.
Commits are done in the Apache git repository and not on GitHub. The Github repository is
only a replication of the Apache repository.

If you would like to contribute a patch here is our guide: http://olingo.apache.org/contribute.html

Best Regards,

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From: Nestor Perez Borrajero [mailto:neperezb@microsoft.com.INVALID] 
Sent: Samstag, 10. März 2018 04:53
To: dev@olingo.apache.org
Subject: Support for @odata.bind from olingo-odata4-js


I'm trying to use the olingo-odata4-js library to issue POST requests to create entities and
update their navigation properties, but it seems the library is stripping out all the payload
properties containing "@odata.", with two exceptions stored in lib/odata/json.js:

var jsonSerializableMetadata = ["@odata.id", "@odata.type"];

The problems is that this list of exceptions doesn't seem to be configurable or exposed, I'm
trying to add an exception for "@odata.bind" to make use of that syntax to update navigation
properties as described here:


Since the array of exceptions is not exposed/exported and is not hanging off of anything I
can get my hands on at runtime, I can't add the exception. I resorted to hand-editing the
minified JS file to add the exception but I'd like to fix this via pull request if possible
to avoid maintaining a tweaked minified file. I noticed the github repo hasn't had much activity
in the last couple of years:


Is this project active? Can someone with write access work with me to get a small pull request
into this project to fix this issue?


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