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From Bagas Sanjaya <bagasdo...@gmail.com>
Subject unexpected_message error when connecting to remote postgresql database over ssl
Date Thu, 09 Jan 2020 08:55:17 GMT

I'm trying loading OFBiz demo data (trunk version) to remote PostgreSQL 

The system running the database use PostgreSQL 12. I connect to database 
using PostgreSQL JDBC 42.2.8.

I follow [JDBC 

The story short, I got `fatal alert: unexpected message` message, which 
cause data loading to fail.

However, when test connect to one of databases with `psql`, the database 
can be connected successfully.

On database instance side, the log shows at the time of error:

 > could not accept SSL connection: ccs received early

Full logs are available at:
[1] [PostgreSQL Server Log]http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/4Kn8wYPZDs/
[2] [OFBiz Log, with SSL Debug log until first 

Disabling SSL on the server (as well as setting appropriate JDBC 
database URI) serve as workaround, unfortunately.

So what's wrong here?


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