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From urbnsr <urb...@yahoo.com.INVALID>
Subject New User, Setup/User Documentation Question
Date Sat, 20 Jul 2019 17:02:26 GMT

 ?? I am just starting to check out OFBiz to replace our current ERP 
package for a very small online hobby business. I installed v.16.11.05 
and am working through this business setup guide:


 ?? As I go through these steps, I am not finding some of the links or 
locations in my installation that are mentioned in the document. Do I 
need to pay more attention to my installation or is it possible the 
document was written for a previous version and I should use the 
document more as a guideline than a literate step-by-step?

 ?? Also, can anyone point me to document with best-practice operation 
steps for OFBiz? I am hoping to be able to switch over to OFBiz by 
January 1, 2020.

 ?? Thank you in advance for any help and/or tips!


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