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From Frank Herrman <f.herr...@typify.com>
Subject Re: Webpos and sales tax
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2018 11:39:42 GMT
Hi Ingo,

This did the trick for me! The only thing that might require some further investigation is
that it now shows this list:

* Total: 127,64
* Total promo: 0
* Total VAT: 22,15
* Total: 127,64

The first total you would probably expect the price excl. VAT (105,49 in this example). Not
a big deal for me though.

Kind regards,

Op 15-11-18 11:33 heeft Ingo Wolfmayr <ingo.wolfmayr@wolfix.at> geschreven:

    Hi Frank,
    that’s because the "getDisplayGrandTotal" method takes the subtotal of the cart line
that already has tax included and adds the "totalSalesTax".
    return this.getDisplaySubTotal().add(this.getTotalShipping()).add(this.getTotalSalesTax()).add(this.getOrderOtherAdjustmentTotal()).add(this.getOrderGlobalAdjustments());
    I have changed it locally to:
    GenericValue productStore = ProductStoreWorker.getProductStore(productStoreId, delegator);
    	return this.getSubTotal().add(this.getTotalShipping()).add(this.getTotalSalesTax()).add(this.getOrderOtherAdjustmentTotal()).add(this.getOrderGlobalAdjustments());
    	return this.getDisplaySubTotal().add(this.getTotalShipping()).add(this.getTotalSalesTax()).add(this.getOrderOtherAdjustmentTotal()).add(this.getOrderGlobalAdjustments());
    I am still testing but it looks promising.
    Best regards,
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    Von: Frank Herrman <f.herrman@typify.com> 
    Gesendet: Mittwoch, 14. November 2018 09:13
    An: user@ofbiz.apache.org
    Betreff: Re: Webpos and sales tax
    Hi Ingo,
    Thank you for your suggestion, unfortunately I already had that set for the facility the
POS is connected to. I have set it for the other facilities as well, but that did not work
    I have messed around with the code to get it to work and ended up with something that
seems to work. However, if I set 'show pricies including taxes' to my store it adds the tax
twice to the due-amount and total (though the sales tax is correct). So it does not feel right
yet. I have something like this:
    Total: 1 euro
    Tax: 0,21 euro
    Total: 1,42 euro
    Kind regards,
    On [DATE], "[NAME]" <[ADDRESS]> wrote:
        Hello Frank,
        in order to have WebPOS calculate the tax you have to add the SHIPPING_ORIG_LOCATION
to the facility.
        1.) Add contact mech to facility
        2.) Add FacilityContactMechPurpose
        <FacilityContactMechPurpose facilityId="yourFacilityId" contactMechId="yourContactMechId"
        It will then calculate the tax, as the SHIP_ORIG_LOCATION is used for tax calculation
in WebPOS. There is still an issue adding the tax to the "Total Due". As I am currently working
on getting the WebPOS ready for Austria I am working on a fix right now. 
        Best regards,
        -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
        Von: Frank Herrman <f.herrman@typify.com> 
        Gesendet: Montag, 29. Oktober 2018 16:56
        An: user@ofbiz.apache.org
        Betreff: Webpos and sales tax
        Hi there,
        I’m having trouble with the WebPOS. I noticed the latest update of Ofbiz had some
improvements in this module, but still a lot is missing. One of the most important things
I can’t seem to get working is the sales tax. For example, I have a product of 18.182 euro’s,
22 euro incl. sales tax. It now shows:
          *   Total: 22.00
          *   Total VAT: 0.00
          *   Total: 22.00
          *   To be paid: 18.182
        So the total amount is correct. The amount to be paid suddenly does not include the
sales tax. Furthermore, the sales tax shows 0 euro. VAT does work outside the POS (in order
management), it just doesn’t work in the POS. When I enter an amount paid by cash or whatever
payment method, it expects me to enter 18.182 instead of the 22.00 euro’s the customer needs
to pay.
        I dived into the code but can’t seem to find it. I ended up in applications/order/src/main/java/org/apache/ofbiz/order/order/OrderReadHelper.java
where I found the method getOrderTaxByTaxAuthGeoAndParty() which bases the sales tax on the
tax authority. So my feeling is that in a webpos session the right tax authority is not activated.
The POS terminal I have chosen is connected to a facility that does have the right tax authority.
I’m not sure if there is any other setting that could cause this?
        Kind regards,

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