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From GeoffG <glassondesignstu...@outlook.com.au>
Subject Howto link communication events to requests
Date Sun, 27 May 2018 04:58:10 GMT

I'm trialling the CRM component of Ofbiz and am having difficulty linking a
communication event to a customer request item. The scenario that I have is:

1. I created a party in Ofbiz representing my customer
2. I created a request for quote and linked it to the party
3. I created a quote and associated documentation outside Ofbiz but did not
create a quote inside Ofbiz
4. I used MS Outlook to email the quote and associated documents to my
5. I saved the sent e-mail to disc so it could be uploaded into Ofbiz
6. I created a communication event in Ofbiz
7. I created a communication content item and uploaded the saved e-mail to
it, before linking it to the communication event

This is where I got stuck. How do I go about linking the communication event
to the customer request? I'm probably missing something simple but I just
can't see how to do it.

Any help would be most appreciated.

I am currently running Ofbiz 16.11.04.

Thanks in advance...Geoff

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