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From stim...@comcast.net
Subject Re: loadDefault Source Code
Date Tue, 16 Jan 2018 19:20:36 GMT
The trouble with that is I'm interested in dumping the logic of how the load order is determined
specifically with the loadDefault. If there were a command such as "./gradlew --explain loadDefault",
where it verbosely named which file is chosen, what kind of sorting is used, and what it was
doing with each, then this would work. This is why I wanted to see the code actually step
through loadDefault...I want to know how it actually makes the choices, and perhaps write
something to help with generation/load of my own test cases (I'm hoping to actually learn
----- Original Message -----From: Taher Alkhateeb <slidingfilaments@gmail.com>To: user@ofbiz.apache.orgSent:
Tue, 16 Jan 2018 18:50:59 -0000 (UTC)Subject: Re: loadDefault Source Code

Okay so in this case my recommendation is to skip looking at the sourcecode and instead learn
the syntax for loading data. ./gradlew "ofbiz--help" and README.md are good sources for that.
There you will find plentyof options for loading data including specifying readers, components,files,
directories etc ...

On Jan 16, 2018 9:15 PM, <stimits@comcast.net> wrote:

> I am interested in how the list of files is chosen, along with the rules> for order
of choosing. I am thinking of custom loading for my own testing,> but mostly I just feel
I need to better understand what the "All" of> "loadAll" is.>> ----- Original Message
-----From: Jacques Le Roux <> jacques.le.roux@les7arts.com>To: user@ofbiz.apache.orgSent:
Tue, 16 Jan> 2018 07:11:45 -0000 (UTC)Subject: Re: loadDefault Source Code>> I agree,
maybe you can try starting from ContainerLoader.java>> Jacques>> Le 16/01/2018
&agrave; 07:48, Taher Alkhateeb a &eacute;crit :>> loadDefault translates to
loading all data sets (seed,seed-initial,>> demo,ext, etc ...)>> The code for
that is big and scattered in many> different places because a> lot of things happen
during data load (SAX> parser, DOM modeling, DB> translations, and a lot more). So it
depends on> what you are looking for> and perhaps more importantly, why>> On Jan
16,> 2018 4:05 AM, <stimits@comcast.net> wrote:>>> Hi,>>>> I
guess what I> should do is rephrase...if I wanted to run this under a>> debugger
and get> a stack frame (which I'm not actually set up to do), where>> would I find>
the source code which specifically understands which XML files>> to read> and load
for loadDefault? The build.gradle is more of a declaration>> and> not so much the
actual source code, and I'm more of a C++ guy (I do ok>>> with Java, but I don't
know the web toolkits and APIs).>>>> ----- Original> Message -----From: gil
portenseigne <>> gil.portenseigne@nereide.fr>To:> user@ofbiz.apache.orgSent:
Mon, 15 Jan>> 2018 08:10:30 -0000> (UTC)Subject: Re: loadDefault Source Code>>>>
Hello,>>>> You will find> loadDefault task implementation within the file build.gradle>>
at OFBiz> root directory. (see line 320)>>>> Regards,>>>> Gil>>>>
On 14/01/2018> 22:18, stimits@comcast.net wrote:> This is probably a naive>> question,>
but on 16.11.04 I am searching for the actual code which runs for>> the> "loadDefault"
part of:> ./gradlew loadDefault> > I'm looking for what I>>> might edit
to create my own version of loadDefault after observing what> the>> existing loadDefault
actually executes. I see some shell scripts> passing>> this on, and suspect this
is part of one of the jar files, but> was unable>> to find the actual code.> >

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