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From Nicolas Malin <nicolas.ma...@nereide.fr>
Subject Re: Data Load tips/tricks?
Date Wed, 27 Dec 2017 12:44:49 GMT
Disable eeca on your delegator like :

     <delegator name="default-no-eca" entity-model-reader="main" 
entity-group-reader="main" entity-eca-reader="main" 
*entity-eca-enabled="false"* distributed-cache-clear-enabled="false">

Le 27/12/2017 à 13:06, Boyden, Timothy a écrit :
> I started writing scripts this week to export data from our current ERP to the OFBiz
XML data formats. I have loaded about 25,000 of our 150,000 products through the Web Tools
Import XML utility. Are there any tips to improve load speed, such as temporarily disabling
indexing or anything else anyone has experience with?
> Thanks,
> Tim

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