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From <ja...@productive1.com>
Subject RE: Return to Vendor
Date Wed, 07 Jun 2017 20:30:50 GMT
Thanks Sharon Any help on this process is greatly appreciated!

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Subject: Re: Return to Vendor
From: "Sharan Foga"<sharan@apache.org>
Date: Tue, June 06, 2017 7:08 am
To: <user@ofbiz.apache.org>

Hi James

I haven't taken a look at returns for while but I think your description
is generally correct. For the customer side, there is definitely an
automated receiving as well as a manual process that follows this flow.
For the return to vendor, my feeling is that it is more manual but you
can still achieve the same result.

There are probably some setup decisions you need to make about how you
are fulfilling the customer orders and linking them back to the original
vendor. For example do you have one vendor for a specific product or
multiple vendors for the same product? 

If I get some time, I'll see if I can run through your scenario just to
confirm what's already there.


On 2017-05-31 04:36 (+0200), <james@productive1.com> wrote: 
> In the Ofbiz Return to Vendor process is there an actual pick process to
> ship the product back to the vendor. The process would be as follows:
> 1. Customer Returns a product and a RMA created in OfBiz.
> 2. UPS/Fedex Return Label emailed to customer
> 3. Product Comes back into warehouse and received into a Receiving Bin
> and a serial number is associated with the return
> 4. The Purchase Order to the Vendor that the product was originally on
> must be identified.
> 5. Return to Vendor is Created.
> 6. Return goes to ready to ship status
> 7. System reserves the actual product with serial number from the
> Receiving Bin
> 8. Product is picked/packed/shipped
> 9. Return to Vendor is updated and applicable credit draft is created in
> the system
> 10. When vendor actually issues credit the credit draft is added to the
> system
> 11. Process complete
> Is this the way Ofbiz handles Return to Vendor? If yes Great! If not
> how does it handle it today?
> Thanks,
> James

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