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From Paul Mandeltort <p...@marcospec.com>
Subject Re: OFBiz performance enhancement
Date Thu, 18 May 2017 18:45:14 GMT
Check all of your connection limits. If memory serves, there are tomcat connection limits and
database connection limits and these can be fairly conservative out of the box. 

If your image requests are being served by tomcat/ofbiz, (which is not a great idea, better
to keep those directly served), then you may be hitting those limits pretty quickly.

Use chrome devtools and check the network tab, see what’s actually taking a long time to

Also check and repair your databased indexes, they might be fragmented like crazy if you haven’t
been maintaining them: 
https://mariadb.com/kb/en/mariadb/mysqlcheck/ <https://mariadb.com/kb/en/mariadb/mysqlcheck/>


> On May 18, 2017, at 11:19 AM, Giulio Speri - MpStyle Srl <giulio.speri@mpstyle.it>
> Thanks for the suggestions.
> Out OFBiz istance is running on a server hosted by Aruba, with 16 CPU and
> 32 GB of RAM; we changed jvm ofbiz memory start parameters to 20GB of max
> memory (and monitoring the memory usage with OFBiz Webtools, I see that is
> always between 3-10 GB).
> The dbms we are using is MariaDB a fork of MySQL(the OS on the server is
> CentOS 7 and MariaDB is installed by default on it).
> At the moment I'm trying to set caching control in the embedded Tomcat,
> adding the filter class ExpiresFilters in web.xml file of our eCommerce web
> application, but I can't see anything changed in HTTP headers (always and
> only cache-control: no cache).
> I basically followed the set up guide of Tomcat (
> https://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-7.0-doc/config/filter.html), but no luck.
> Is it the right way to set up cache control for the embedded Tomcat of
> OFBiz?
> We've tested our website also with PingDom tools, and gives us swinging
> page loading times (from 2 sec up to 12 sec); the only thing that we
> noticed using that tool, is that a good number of images give error and are
> not loaded, but we cannot understand why (the link to the image works!).
> On different pages of our site, we used AJAX to retrieve url of images:
> could this be the problem?
> Honestly we are quite in difficulty to understand why is this happening.
> If needed I could share my ofbiz_component.xml for the settings of catalina
> connectors that we are using.
> Giulio
> 2017-05-18 17:48 GMT+02:00 Paul Mandeltort <paul@marcospec.com>:
>> What database are you using? If you're using the the default Derby
>> database, there's your problem.
>> If you're on Postgres, make sure you tune it.
>> http://pgtune.leopard.in.ua/
>> Also if you're on Postgres make sure you're running a VACUUM at least
>> weekly. Out of the box Postgres is set pretty conservative so it can run
>> well on small VMs.
>> If you're hosting the site in a generic virtual machine or AWS EC2 be
>> aware that the IO performance on these systems is pretty lousy. Nowadays
>> I'd recommend just using Amazon RDS so you don't have to mess with it.
>> Or just do like most folks and throw more RAM at your system and see if
>> that helps. :)
>> --P
>>> On May 18, 2017, at 4:37 AM, Giulio Speri - MpStyle Srl <
>> giulio.speri@mpstyle.it> wrote:
>>> Hello everyone,
>>> I would like to ask you some suggestion on improving performances of our
>>> eCommerce site
>>> We're monitoring our jvm  with NewRelic tool and response times are quite
>>> good, and the server on which ofbiz run has minimal cpu/ram usage, but
>>> customers often complains slowness in page loading.
>>> Which components of OFBiz should we change or on which other aspects
>> should
>>> we work on to get better performances (eg: database, catalina servlet
>>> container, Tomcat..) ?
>>> ​Thank you in advance,
>>> Giulio​
>>> --
>>> Giulio Speri
>>> *Mp Styl**e Srl*
>>> via Antonio Meucci, 37
>>> 41019 Limidi di Soliera (MO)
>>> T 059/684916
>>> M 334/3779851
>>> www.mpstyle.it
> -- 
> Giulio Speri
> *Mp Styl**e Srl*
> via Antonio Meucci, 37
> 41019 Limidi di Soliera (MO)
> T 059/684916
> M 334/3779851
> www.mpstyle.it

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