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From Craig Parker <cr...@fossfolks.com>
Subject Parties/customers -- maybe no answer required
Date Wed, 31 May 2017 17:16:41 GMT
If a computer repair business were using OFBiz, and one of their 
customers had several locations, how would OFBiz keep track of things 
like each location's public IP address, devices on each of those 
locations' LANs, with notes about each device (LAN address, username and 
pass in the case of a router, firewall, or server) and people to contact 
at each location.

Why my subject says maybe no answer required is that I'm about to dig 
into what we've got for docs in an official capacity, and I may find it 
down the road anyway. If you know this is doable, just let me know and 
I'll be paying special attention for it as while I'm working on updating 

And I'm also asking because I've got my own PHP app almost written that 
does all this, but if I'm going to run a business with OFBiz, I'd rather 
just let it do all the keeping track of stuff like this, rather than 
bouncing around in different applications. I may still write a PHP 
script that pulls from the OFBiz db and displays how I'd like, but that 
depends on how OFBiz does it.

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