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From Paul Mandeltort <p...@marcospec.com>
Subject Re: [SURVEY] Name for the task which load demo and all data
Date Fri, 12 May 2017 16:45:44 GMT
Sorry, I’m being a jerk and not following your directions so feel free to ignore me, but
some unsolicited advice :-)

The proposed terms are still ambiguous. One of OFBiz’s biggest problems is there’s a lot
of shorthand and ambiguity which makes it really hard for someone who occasionally digs in
(like me) to figure out what’s going on.

So I’m going to suggest a bit more verbosity:


to parallel the concepts in the readme. Then at least you can follow the concepts through
the pipeline. Now the naming of those data loading tasks is another function as they are still
confusion (seed vs seed initial description is confusing!).

• seed: OFBiz and External Seed Data - to be maintained along with source and updated whenever
a system deployment is updated
• seed-initial: OFBiz and External Seed Data - to be maintained along with source like other
seed data, but only loaded initially and not updated when a system is updated except manually
reviewing each line
• demo: OFBiz Only Demo Data
• ext: External General Data (custom)
• ext-test: External Test Data (custom)
• ext-demo: External Demo Data (custom)

While I’m hardly an expert, I’ve always appreciated the pattern of parameters following
a “Verb-Noun-Adjective” format.  So in this case, Load = Verb, Data = what, Adjective
= what kind of data we’re loading.

“ext” is also confusing, since it could be confused for “Extension”, but that’s
another discussion probably.

If you’re a command-line warriors, you can add gradle autocomplete to Bash and Zsh:


On May 12, 2017, 10:35 AM -0500, Jacques Le Roux <jacques.le.roux@les7arts.com>, wrote:
> Hi,
> Following the discussion in this thread https://s.apache.org/9PBV we agreed to change
the name of the Gradle task which load demo and all data.
> Before Gradle it was load-demo. It's currently loadDefault and in the discussion came
loadAll, loadData and loadAllData.
> So I propose an informal vote, more a survey, to decide which name we should use for
this (important) task.
> Please vote by giving a weight to each of 4 propositions:
> loadDefault
> loadAll
> loadData
> loadAllData
> For instance, here is my choice
> loadDefault 4
> loadData 3
> loadAll 2
> loadAllData 1
> which means that I prefer loadAllData over loadAll, etc.
> So if we agree on the idea, we will pick the name with the smaller cumulated number from
> Thanks
> Jacques

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