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From "Sharan Foga"<sha...@apache.org>
Subject OFBiz Community Days – February 2017
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2017 09:14:30 GMT
Hi Everyone

I just realised that today we is the start of the new format for our OFBiz Community Days.
Instead of having only one Community Day per quarter, we are having a sequence of 5 days that
form the Community Days. This extends the time frame and hopefully gives people more flexibliity
to contribute. So this month our Community Days will run from today 17th – 21st February.

If you are new to the concept of Community Days then please take a look at the following wiki


Anyone can participate (and we would like to encourage as many people as possible to do so

If there is an OFBiz task or particular area that you would like to work on then please see
if you can set aside some time over the next few days to do it. (Even an hour will help!)

Remember that you do not have to work on it alone, our Community Days are also a chance to
collaborate with others in the community. 

Our Community Days are not only coding related, we would also like to do some tidy up of our
wiki and our project documentation.

As usual, please see below for some potential ideas for you to think about and possible work
on over the next few days.

* Framework Re-factoring*
You are probably aware of the changes happening in the codebase. Help us tidy up our existing
code.Have you seen something that you could improve? (Don't forget to take a look at Jira
as someone may have already found the issue).

*Testing, Review and Committing Patches*
Testing and applying of patches is always an important area. Many contributors from the community
have  provided patches for bugs and improvements but before committing them we need to test
to them.

Patches can become out of date very quickly meaning that if they are not tested early enough
then they can miss out on being included. We have a large number of patches available so this
could be a good opportunity for test, review and commit.

We know that our current documentation could be a whole lot better so any contribution that
helps us improve it is welcome. 

*Jira Sprint*
 I have just created a Jira sprint (2017 – February OFBIz Com Days) so please add any
Jira tasks you are working on, to it. This Jira Sprint helps us track and report on the work
done during the Community Days so please try to make sure your work is included.

*HipChat Room*
If you haven't already taken a look, the our OFBiz HipChat room is available all the time
but can be especially useful when collaborating during our Community Days event.  Please join
our room using the link below:


So let's see if we can do some work to improve OFBiz, have fun and enjoy working together.


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