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From Moatasim Al Masri <malma...@bi-bst.com>
Subject RE: Cost center
Date Sun, 12 Feb 2017 15:14:32 GMT
Thank you Sharan
When I Create new accounting company I can see in Accounting invoice the Organization Party
Id for example the MARKITING witch is created in Create new accounting company, but this approach
should declare new charts of accounts for it which is wrong.
I need create new invoice on this department as a cost center in company organization.

Best Regards,

Moatasim L. Al-Masri

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From: Sharan Foga [mailto:sharan@apache.org] 
Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2017 4:50 PM
To: user@ofbiz.apache.org
Subject: Re: Cost center

Hi Moatasim

I think that we have a case here where we have some demo data showing some functionality but
we don't actually have a maintenance screen for it.

Global GL Settings →  Cost Center

Displays the cost centre allocations for some demo accounts

And Global GL Settings → GL Acccount Category 

Will allow you to create new cost centres that will appear under Global GL Settings →
Cost Centers

but I don't think we have a screen to allows you to allocate a cost center to a specific GL
account.  (Happy to be corrected on this if one does exist :-)

So a solution could be that you could create a maintenance screen (or maybe first check our
Jira to see if someone had the same issue and already submitted a patch for it)..

Another way you could do it is to not use Cost Centers but use party manager to create your
cost centre with the role of organisation unit and / or department since it could be both
a cost centre and department at the same time.

If you are talking about using the project manager application then you might have to look
at the default fields for creating project to allow the organisation company to be overridden
to be a specific department or cost centre.

There is a lot of flexibility about how you could do. It all depends on your requirements.

Hope this helps.


On 2017-02-08 12:24 (+0100), Moatasim Al Masri <malmasri@bi-bst.com> wrote: 
> Hi
> In accounting manager ->Global Setting - > Cost Center I cannot find 
> the concept company cost center, this screen just to allocate cost center, if I need
to assign cost center to some department in organizing or assign cost center to a project,
how can fix it scenario?!
> Your kind support is highly appreciated
> Best Regards,
> Moatasim L. Al-Masri
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