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From Hans Bakker <h.bak...@antwebsystems.com>
Subject Re: Multiple Subsidiaries in OfBiz
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2017 01:14:53 GMT
Good morning!

Let me share our experiences running ofbiz in a ofbiz tenant environment 
with completely independent companies in separate databases.
We did this for about 2-3 years where we patched ofbiz to have:
1. multiple url's for a single tenant
2. add tenants without restart
3. a number of menus to add/disable tenants, delete and reload data and 
make and restore backups.
4.We also had a way to enable certain components in hot-deploy for a 
specific tenant.

This tenant component is not maintained any more but is still available 
at: https://gerrit.antwebsystems.com/#/admin/projects/tenant

However, although it worked, it needed a lot of maintenance and 
monitoring and got too complicated.

So, we now switched to a docker environment where we use ofbiz in a 
docker container which is used in demo and production. Every company has 
its own ofbiz docker image which is automatically built and installed in 
production from Git once a day when there were changes in the 
repository.(our GrowERP continuous everything platform) Now it is much 
easier to have specific changes for specific companies. Further scaling 
application servers is now much easier.
This is now running for over a year and is much easier to maintain.

All software required to run this setup is open source and can be found 
at our gerrit.antwebsystems.com git repository as source; compiled 
versions at https://www.growerp.com/control/main?contentId=GROWERP_DEMO

Hans Bakker

CEO antwebsystems.com

On 31/01/17 16:14, Sharan Foga wrote:
> Hi James
> At one point the standard OFBiz demo had demo data that was that of a global parent company
with multiple subsidiaries. We decided it was a bit too complicated a setup for most people
so simplified the demo data to be a lot simpler (i.e a single company).
> This means that somewhere in our SVN there are some demo data files that could help you
if you are having problems setting things up.
> Thanks
> Sharan
> On 2017-01-23 23:58 (+0100), <james@productive1.com> wrote:
>> Hi all I am new to this group so hopefully I am posting in the correct
>> areas.  We would like to set up OfBiz with Multiple Companies that all
>> roll up into a Parent Company.  We are looking for the following:
>> Separate Vendors (CRM tied to a separate company)
>> Separate Customers (CRM tied to a seperate company
>> Sales Associates can be tied to multiple companies
>> Each company can fulfill from each others warehouse (intercompany
>> transaction)
>>     Should be able to invoice each other
>> Warehouses should be tied to a company
>> Stores should be tied to a company
>> Financials Should be tied to a company
>> Purchases Should be tied to a company
>> Each company could have separate currency
>> Each company could have separate language
>> We can use external reporting to handle the Intercompany consolidation
>> My question is does Ofbiz handle this OTB?  If so what are the key areas
>> we need to configure for this to handle properly.
>> Thanks in Advance.
>> James
>> Productive One



Hans Bakker
CEO, http://antwebsystems.com

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