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From Pierre Smits <pierre.sm...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [FYI] Trunk demo crashed
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2016 09:36:35 GMT
Hi Craig,

If you want to 'play', or experiment with OFBiz I would say: anything

I like your analogy of the different crews building the house. Ant vs
Gradle is like that. You could say that both achieve the same result, yet
the one builds on the experience of the other.
But it is one thing to build the house. It is another thing to live in the
house. The same applies to playing vs working with OFBiz. When playing with
you'll bound to accept more exceptions than when working with. Because
different requirements exist or can be thought of.

These requirements might be unknown when starting to play with, and may
become clear when playing with. And when acknowledged will tighten the
leeway for a production setup.

Best regards,

Pierre Smits

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On Thu, Dec 15, 2016 at 3:53 AM, Craig Parker <craig@fossfolks.com> wrote:

> I'm a day late and a dollar short on this one maybe... Pierre, can you
> explain this comment to a bit of a Java noob? I'm wondering about two terms
> you mention, but also if I'm doing something wrong by using gradle to get a
> working instance of OFBiz running for me to play with.
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> -------------------
> As I have pointed out elsewhere: Gradle is a *build* solution. It is not
> the tool to run in production environments.
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> -------------------
> I guess I don't know the difference between build solution and production
> environment. This may very well be beyond the scope of this mailing list.
> If it is, no problem, just point me in the direction of some education. I
> really want to get going on OFBiz and help with docs on the way. I'm really
> hoping that my experience will help some small business owner who would
> otherwise throw up his hands at what he's currently got to go on for docs.
> If gradle and ant are just "build solutions," then I guess I'm not sure
> how you'd fire this software up without either of them in a production
> environment.
> Jacques later commented:
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> ------------------
> Another possibility is to not use Gradle to deploy but plain Java
> Jacques
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> ------------------
> How? Is that outlined somewhere in a doc I've missed?
> Does using ant vs. gradle create the same thing (like a crew of Norwegians
> vs. a crew of Egyptians building a house from the same blueprint -- house
> ends up looking the same but the two work crews look, act, and sound
> radically different) or am I totally missing the mark?
> Any helpful, wise-cracking, get off this mailing list, or "derogatory
> noob" types of comments are most welcome. I work at a proprietary ERP
> company, and plan on picking one of the friendlier devs brains over the
> next couple of days. It will help at my job too, so it's technically ok...
> :)

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