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From Jacques Le Roux <jacques.le.r...@les7arts.com>
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCE] Directions to limit excessive or unfair marketing messages in the OFBiz mailing lists
Date Sun, 25 Dec 2016 11:41:05 GMT
Le 17/12/2016 à 09:14, Jacopo Cappellato a écrit :
> Over the past weeks a few individuals have posted several messages
> sponsoring their company's products/services/initiatives and, at the same
> time, criticized OFBiz and interfered with several threads in which OFBiz
> related topics were discussed.These unfair marketing messages are
> distracting for our community and detrimental to the project's image.
> In order to cope with this behavior the OFBiz PMC has published some
> directions to govern how third parties can announce their
> products/services/initiatives on the OFBiz user list:
> http://ofbiz.apache.org/mailing-lists.html#3rd-party-marketing
> Please consider that users repeatedly violating these directions will be
> unsubscribed from the OFBiz lists.
> The OFBiz PMC

Long ago, I created the OFBiz Nabble forum with as many sub-forums as we have mailing lists.

I'm the sole responsible and administrator of this forum and will apply the same rules than
on our official mailing lists.

I'm though not sure if we should mention that in the official mailing lists page.


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