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From Taher Alkhateeb <slidingfilame...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Add tax to billed hours
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2016 10:46:14 GMT
Hi Florian,

Thank you for taking the time to think about this. Have you considered
unifying the solutions by making the links and all the business logic
between the WorkEffort and Product? Then maybe just build the whole
solution for any upper components (project, scrum, etc ..) around that, and
fetch the logic for invoicing based on the workeffort type or any
attributes / parameters related to that?


Taher Alkhateeb

On Tue, Jul 26, 2016 at 1:24 PM, Montalbano Florian <
florian.montalbano@nereide.fr> wrote:

> Thank you for your answer.
> I understand what you mean for the link between Scrum and invoicing. It's
> just that I saw the functionality allowing to create an invoice from Scrum
> hours in the Scrum component, I didn't think about the fundamental use of
> the Scrum.
> I talked over this subject with Gil and we came up with the following
> proposition :
> We took into account that taxes are a very complicated matter since it can
> be different from a country to another.
> As you said, we have TimeEntry that are linked to a WorkEffort. From the
> WorkEffort, we have a relation to the WorkEffortGoodStandard and then to
> Product (and thus ProductCategory).
> What does this Product stand for a WorkEffort such as a task ? Well, a
> task in a project may be of different type. For example :
> - A programming task
> - A cleaning task
> - Preparing a drink party
> - Checking the electrical installation
> And each of these type might have a specific tax associated. That's why
> you should be able to chose the good product representing the task. Of
> course, for the Scrum component, it is easier since it is more
> computer-science-oriented.
> So when we create a task, we can have an optional lookup for selecting a
> Product (on which taxes are customizable,the lookup is optional so it won't
> hinder the creation of a task and disturb what is already used). When the
> task is created, an entry is created in the WorkEffortGoodStandard.
> At the moment the invoice is created, we can retrieve this Product by
> querying the table WorkEffortGoodStandard for each TimeEntry to bill. The
> taxes can be customized by creating specific Product and ProductCategory
> (that way, each country tax laws may be respected).
> This link to a product is enabled for the Scrum Default Task but the
> ProductId is not retrieved when the invoice is created.
> With a Product associated to the WorkEffort, we can add this information
> (ProductId) when creating an InvoiceItem from the TimeEntry. And with an
> associated product, we can add taxes.
> Possible improvement :
> We could define a link with a Product from either Task/Phase/Project (for
> the Project Component) and a Task/BacklogItem/Sprint/Project (for the Scrum
> Component).
> The ProductId associated with the InvoiceItem will be the more specific
> WorkEffort. We can check that by starting from a Task and checking
> recursively the parent WorkEffort until one has an entry in
> WorkEffortGoodStandard.
> I think this is not the clearest "improvement proposal" so feel free to
> comment, ask questions or react about this.
> Have a nice day,
> Thanks
> Florian
> Le 23/07/2016 à 22:57, Jacques Le Roux a écrit :
>> Hi Florian,
>> Conceptually I don't see why the Scrum component should be related to
>> accounting. After all Scrum is only an organisational method. So it seems a
>> bit stretched to invoice from Scrum.
>> But this is minor, because on the other hand a project seems legitimate
>> to be linked to an invoice.
>> A project is basically a WorkEffort and I think you should look into this
>> direction, like WorkEffortBilling and TimeEntry...
>> This of course does not mean that you will find something ready OOTB
>> HTH
>> Jacques
>> Le 20/07/2016 à 14:37, Montalbano Florian a écrit :
>>> Hi everyone,
>>> I discovered that I need to put a tax line on the invoice when billing
>>> hours spent on a project.
>>> I can create the invoice with the hours from the project component (or
>>> scrum) but when I try to "add tax", an error message is displayed saying
>>> that there is no productId to calculate the tax from. So I looked into the
>>> items tab of the invoice and it was right about that :'(  There is no
>>> product linked to the hours.
>>> I can add "by hand" a product "HoursSpendOnAProject" to every items of
>>> the invoice afterwards but it is not very user-friendly.
>>> Is there a way to automatically link my hours to a product ? (I thought
>>> that it would be ok from the Scrum component, since projects are linked to
>>> a product, but it is the same)
>>> Or maybe I'm missing a setting somewhere ?
>>> Have a nice day,
>>> Thanks,
>>> Florian Montalbano

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