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From "Skip" <s...@thedevers.org>
Subject FTL and HTML
Date Tue, 24 May 2016 23:35:17 GMT

I have this bit of ftl in an ftl file:

<div class="tabletext" > ${helpDesc} </div>

helpDesc contains a string of help text and sometimes has some html in it
like "This is line 1<br>This is line2"

This used to work fine a while ago, but now, ftl now outputs "This is line
1&lt;br&gt;This is line2"

I have tried ${helpDesc?html}  ${helpDesc?string} and several others, but
nothing seems to work.  I tried ${helpDesc?no_esc}, but got a compile error.
I am using ftl 2.3.19 and no_esc was added sometime later.

I also tried <#noescape></#noescape> but got the error "No <#escape>"

Anyone have any idea how to get ftl to output the html code without escaping

I am loathe to install 2.3.42 because that would require a complete beta
test on a working system.

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