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From Dhananjay Katre <dhanan...@vnnogile.com>
Subject Supplier not showing up in Purchase order
Date Wed, 16 Sep 2015 05:22:34 GMT

---Supplier not showing up on purchase order screen.
Following is the scenario.

I have created requirements for a product with productID say 1002

For my product, I have already created a supplier and also have supplier
product ID.  For my product store also, I have assigned the role of
supplier to the same supplier party.

Then I created requirements of type "PRODUCT REQUIREMENT" for my product.
>From the requirements, I created a purchase order. The purchase order gets
created successfully. However, the value of the "supplier" is shown as
blank.  I found that the party with id "_NA_" is getting added as the party
which ships.

I have even added my supplier as a carrier with three shipment methods.

Even though I create a purchase order directly (i.e. not through the
requirements), even in that case, my supplier is not getting shown in the
purchase order screen. I am attaching the screen shot of the PO screen in
which we can see that the supplier is not shown.

Is there any specific configuration that I am missing?

Dhananjay Katre
Director and Cofounder
vnnogile Solutions Private Limited

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