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From "Peter Arnold" <parn...@paec.cl>
Subject RE: VAT Setup
Date Tue, 11 Aug 2015 14:50:36 GMT
Hi Pierre, Sharan and Jaques,

I have read all your comments. Thank you very much for helping.

Thanks for the hint, Sharan's book is already on my shelf and has brought me to where I am
without too much troubles, however on the VAT-Tax setup I remain confused.

Thank you for reproducing the same test as I did. You are right, by adding the Tax rate, Tax
Authority Party and Geo Id directly to the product pricing, prices are indicated correctly
on the product screens.
For a normal "finished good" product the prices now also are correct once in the shopping
cart and at final order review.

But in my local installation I am running the test also with variant products since I pretend
to use them intensively. With pricing being set up on the virtual product in the same manner
as indicated by you unfortunately for the variant product in the shopping cart and final order
review still the sales tax is being added. So I either have still some configuration problems
or there is some missing functionality or bugs in the system.

I am using a Chilean Customer for the test, so there shouldn't be a problem with that.


Thank you for this hint. With this description of course I would have succeeded earlier. Though
the very important part would be to know how you track down such a problem and even get to
know that the service "createProductPrice" is responsible for the problem one experiences.

Of course the debugging knowledge here plays an important role. I think this is also why many
possible users of OFBiz are finding it hard to get started.
Personally I am not a developer even though I like the topic quite a lot and my informatic
skills are also not so bad. I am running OFBiz through Eclipse Luna but am still not able
to use debugging functions within Eclipse since during setup there are several errors which
I was not able to resolve. So I depend mainly on the logs and on my still limited knowledge
of OFBiz. Ftl, groovy and Java are causing also problems and therefore I am not always able
to follow through the code, especially when variables are taken out of available context.
As I said, I am not a developer.

It would be great if you could give some hints on how to improve the ability to debug the

I know that I am asking a complicated and wide ranging question but you know "It's better
to learn fishing than to receive some fishes for free...)

Kind regards,



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