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From "Peter Arnold" <parn...@paec.cl>
Subject VAT Setup
Date Mon, 10 Aug 2015 16:55:18 GMT
I am trying to setup VAT for a chilean localization and am currently doing
some tests in OFBiz online Demo 13.07.


I have setup a Tax Authority for Geo ID "CHL" and a VAT Tax which should be
collected by this entity. VAT Tax percentage is set to 19%. Taxes included
in prices is set up for this tax authority.


I also set up the demo store (OFBiz Ecommerce Store ID 9000) with the "Show
prices with VAT tax included" flag set to "Y".

The stores "VAT Tax Auth Geo ID" is set to "CHL"

The stores "Vat Tax Auth Party ID" is set to "10000" which is the Id which
was assigned automatically to the Tax Authority I created.


Then I created a product "VAT-TestProduct 1" which belongs to the "Widgets"
product category. (Product Category ID 200)

The corresponding products List- and Default-Prices are both USD 119, and
for both prices the flag "Tax in Price" is set to "Y".


Furthermore I have expired all promos for the OFBiz Ecommerce Store.


Finally I have expired the Sales Tax which is created under the "_NA_" Tax
authority in order to avoid that this sales tax intervenes with my setup.


I am doing then a product purchase on the e-commerce page and add one
"VAT-TestProduct 1" to the basket.


What I expect is that the product price should be 119USD since everywhere
"Tax included in Price" was set, i.e. in the Tax Authority, in the Store and
in the product prices.

Nevertheless the indicated product price is USD 141,61. This is equal to
USD119 +19%.


This means that the VAT tax was added to the product even though I set up
everywhere that VAT is already included in the product price of USD 119. 

The products net price would be USD 100, i.e. the correct price with VAT tax
included is USD 100 + 19% = USD 119. 


To me the indicate product price of USD 141,61 seems to be not correct since
VAT was added, even though it was already included.


I have also researched the user list and several related Jira issues and
have found that I am not the first one to be confused about the correct VAT


I would appreciate very much to receive some help on this.


Currently everything is configured in OFBiz online demo 13.07 as described



Kind regards,



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