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From Todd Thorner <tthor...@infotinuum.com>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSION] OFBiz Online Documentation
Date Thu, 28 May 2015 15:23:24 GMT
I have yet to take a look (or another look), but that seems about right
(I think the presentation was mainly about data models).  Is Mr. El
Omeiri still active on this ml?

Also, the anal part of me needs to edit my bit about editing skills to
read "editing skill."  Ha.

On 15-05-28 08:07 AM, Michael Brohl wrote:
> Todd,
> do you mean this Prezi
> http://prezi.com/qqp54gt46pn_/apache-ofbiz-development/ from Jad El Omeiri?
> Am 28.05.15 um 16:52 schrieb Todd Thorner:
>> I'm pretty much sitting this one out (seems to have jumped right into
>> the tech selection and I don't understand OFBiz well enough yet to be
>> useful as a writer-contributor so I wouldn't be able to offer much
>> quality input), but for what it's worth the most important
>> considerations for a typing architecture are:
>> 1. The project's business needs (e.g. "No XML files!")
>> 2. Making sure the single-sourced files can be puked out into as many
>> useful end user formats as possible (e.g. context-sensitive help, wiki,
>> etc.)
>> 3. Making sure a maximum number of writer-contributors can hit the
>> proverbial ground running without needing to learn new processes
>> One thing I can offer for now is editing skills, but that involves
>> potential toe-stepping.  Perhaps I could transform that solid Prezi
>> presentation into Sozi format so its SVG output could be embedded into
>> any OFBiz web page.  If the original author is cool with that (can't
>> remember who it was), let me know.

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