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Le 30/01/2015 14:13, Pierre Smits a écrit :
Hi All,

Currently community involvement in the project is good, but like in any
other other open source project it could be better. And better is more
favourable than just good or good enough, right?

The thing is, that many perceive that contributors don't take ownership of
their own issues in JIRA. They create the issue and at best provide
comments to further explain and/or add replies to questions? But that is
that. And the person assigned to the issue is regarded as the one
responsible for having the issue brought to closure.

This has led to the situation that we now have approx of 780 open issues,
of which 600 are unassigned.  Some of which are quite old (pre r10), even
those with committers assigned.

But this isn't how it should be. The creator of the issue should be
regarded as the owner, the persons who brings the issue to closure. And the
committer should be regarded as the gatekeeper/enabler regarding having
patches committed and process followed.

Currently contributors can't be assigned to issues they are willing to work
on, so that they can take ownership. That contributors can't be assigned to
a JIRA issue, is due to the fact that they don't have the proper role set.
In stead of being identified with the role 'Contributor Project Role', they
are treated as 'Any Registered User' (in accordance with the standard
permissions scheme for JIRA, see

*Improvement (the proposal)*
In order to improve this situation and increase community involvement, we
should assign the 'Contributor Project Role' to recognised contributors
(see the Contributors page in the wiki:
so that they can be assigned to JIRA issues. Also, we should enable
contributors to be able to assign themselves to their own issues and have
them take ownership.

Enabling contributors to take ownership of JIRA issues will enable the
project to identify the more active community members more easily (as
opposed to those who fire and forget) and get more issues assigned and
closed, but it also helps lessening the burden on committers.
Infrastructure has already such a construct  in place to enable project
contributors to do more (see
the *Default plus Contributor Assign Permission Scheme*).

What do you think?

Best regards,

Pierre Smits

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